On To Moscow

Version: 1.02 (April 2006)

Engine: Battles in Italy

Turns: 32


Author: JSS - Based upon a Brubaker scenario

Download On To Moscow

Note that you must have Brubaker's original Battle for Moscow (Operation Typhoon) scenario installed to play this variant.

Design Notes (On to Moscow v1.02):

- This is a 48 turn campaign expansion scenario to Brubaker’s masterful Operation Typhoon battleset. It is specifically built on the v1.02 OPN Typhoon version.

- This scenario puts more pressure on the German commander to succeed early on. Replacements are rare and the Russian player will have strong units for the last 20+ turns... question is do enough Russian units survive the German opening to defend Moscow properly?

- Germans get 3 additional Pz Korps (2 of them as alert units) while the Russians get an additional tank division. Russian tank brigades are more mobile initially. Overall Germans are slightly more mobile across the board.

- German 7, 145, and 210 Construction Engineer units each have pontoon capability.

- If the German player captures the 3 Moscow VP hexes it’s an instant win for the Germans. Other changes include additional step for German Infantry regiments, German rail movement capability, and +4 shock Russian t-34 units.

- Also, the scenario includes a fully functional "unknown units" feature. Generally this yields weaker 25%, standard unit 50%, & stronger unit 25% of the time. This is a highly recommended feature.


For additional notes on Brubaker's original Battle for Moscow - Operation Typhoon scenario see this link.


Download the self extracting EXE from the link above. Double click on the OTMoscow.exe and then follow the installation prompts. This will install all files into a ...scenarios\Moscow\On To Moscow\ folder under your main Battles in Italy Folder.