Welcome to the Official Run5 Combat Leagues Ladder for the Decisive Battles of WWII Series.

Our main aim with this ladder is to have fun and provide a means by which players can compete in PBEM competitive play in a fair and consistent manner. There are some basic rules and guidelines that we would like all players to be not only aware of, but adhere to. These rules have been designed to provide some general standards and some context as to how things should be resolved in instances where something goes ‘belly up’.

Above all, we are all adults (well most of us anyway!), and we ask that everyone adopt our approach in keeping things as fun and as simple as we can, and where all else fails use some general common sense.

These are the Rules:

1. All games must be played using the latest patch available for the game in question at the time that the game commences. In other words, if a game has commenced and a new patch is issued, this will not invalidate the game, but no new games should be started without first applying the new patch. While we do not anticipate that the release of patches will be frequent occurrences, we will do our best to advise you via the News page if and when a new patch is released.

2. Agreement must be made between the players of a PBEM game that the game will count towards a Run5 Combat League Ladder game. Generally this agreement is sought at the commencement of the game, but it could be agreed upon at any time. Once agreed upon it should be considered binding that the game will be reported no matter how it turns out.

3. Both players must be registered on the Run5 Combat League Ladder for the game to count towards the Run5 Combat Leagues Ladder.

4. Games reported on any other ladders may also be reported on the Run5 Combat League Ladder, so long as all of other Run5 Combat League Rules apply (i.e. Rules 1, 2 and 3).

5. EITHER player may report the results of the game.

6. Games should be reported shortly after the conclusion of the game. In no event should a game more than a month old be reported. Such old results are subject to removal if one player complains about it being old or an entire string of old results is found to have been entered.

7. Players are responsible for keeping their ladder email address updated. You need to login and check your profile under the Players link to edit your data. You are emailed a copy of any game results so that you will know that a game has been reported against you; if you see something is wrong reply back to the ladder administrator to get it corrected.

8. Ladder play in general does NOT set any 'turn-around times' between game turns--though Tournaments may have a minimum pace to be maintained or face forfeiture. You should mention to your opponent about how many turns you can play a week and alert him if you are about to miss a turn.

9. It is each players responsibility to keep each other informed of any delays in return of their turns well past the agreed upon ‘turn around times’. i.e. going on vacation, become ill, etc. Just common courtesy, really.

10. The following rules will apply to Abandoned Games. If a player has not received a response from their opponent after 1 week (or another agreed period of time) they will then send an email to their opponent querying the delay in response. Then after another week they will issue another email cc'ing the Ladder Administrator. If there is no response 1 week later, the Ladder Administrator will send an email to both players declaring the game as an abandoned game and declaring an Overwhelming Win to the reporting player.

It is therefore vital that players keep in contact with each other, and advise of any periods of extended leave or inability to complete their turn, so that the game can be put on hold. Failure to do this may result in an abandoned game being declared.

11. Resignations may be negotiated for any victory level between opponents to end a game early. Tournament rules may supercede this rule.

12. Any cheating will see you removed from the ladder.

13. Tournament play is an adjunct to Ladder play and occurs when a Tournament is hosted by the site. Tournament game options will be prescriptive (i.e.: a set scenario with set game options and set turn around times) for all games played as part of that Tournament. The Tournament may say that all games played therein are ladder games and therefore the results should be reported on the ladder. If the Tournament does not say it is ladder play, you may still agree with your opponent to make it a ladder game. Tournament play will be fast and furious - something to look forward to!

14. Run5 Combat League Ladder Administrators reserve the right to ban, edit, delete or amend rules, reported games or user accounts as deemed appropriate. Any amendments to rules will be posted via the Run5 Combat League Ladder News page.

15. Run5 Combat League Ladder Administrators will have the final say in any Run5 Combat League dispute resolution between Ladder players.

16. The raison d’être for the ladder is to determine the skill of the players; this is accomplished by giving each player a Rank. Ranks start at 2000 and change based on the difference in Ranks between two players when a game is reported, the victory level achieved and the size of the scenario play. Full details can be found in this Rank pdf.

17. Players with a much higher Rank than their opponent need to get a higher victory level or they could actually LOSE Rank points even though they win the game!

18. The prior incarnation of this ladder used a points scheme with each game based on 10 points and these points were distributed between the players depending upon the results. Scores are modified for scenarios greater then 16 and 32 turns, by x2 and x3 respectively. Full scoring details can be found at this Scoring Matrix. We've kept this legacy method around so that you can see how you would have done in the 'old days.' However, you cannot see Points for the Overall listing since the accumulation of points by players who played a lot of games is the reason why the Rank scheme was implemented!

19. Various medals are awarded for getting wining streaks and/or playing in Tournaments. These can be displayed in your Forum account. See this thread. You will be told in your game email if you have won a Hot or Very Hot medal and your Profile will always be the arbiter of what you've earned to display in the Forum as regards these Hot medals.

20. Have fun!