1293 games have been recorded on the ladder.
Victory LevelTimes Recorded
Overwhelming Win968
Decisive Win103
Marginal Win103
Draw (Win*)116
Draw (Loss*)116
Marginal Loss103
Decisive Loss103
Overwhelming Loss968
Scenario NameTimes Played
Korsun Pocket
  1st Ukrainian31
  2nd Ukranian Front18
  A Wolf by the Ears32
  Across the Dnepr52
  Assault on Gela1
  Assault on Port Stanley5
  Battle for Primasole1
  Korsun Pocket (Campaign)91
  Last Stand at Korsun55
  Operation Husky5
  Operation Wanda2
  Race to the Meuse10
  Road to Palermo6
  Rommel - Master of Battle2
  Steve Ford's Short Campaign18
  The Hills of Troina2
  Trapped on the Dnepr11
  Trouble in Bastogne17
  Velikiye Luki11
  Wiking Whiteout33
Battles in Normandy
  Bloody Omaha!18
  Breakout From Normandy30
  Crimea 18543
  Liberation Campaign5
  Luzon 41: MacArthur's Plan1
  Luzon 41: Warplan Rainbow3
  MacArthur: Pacific Island Campaign28
  Monty's Landings17
  Overlord: On to Paris50
  Patton: Master of Battle6
  Rommel - Master of Battle45
  Rommel's Plan3
Battles in Italy
  Burma Campaign1
  Churchill's Plan1
  Fall Weiss10
  Islands Campaign1
  MacArthur: Pacific Island Campaign5
  Moscow: On to Moscow2
  Moscow: Operation Typhoon14
  OMG: Full Campaign3
  On To Rome!19
  Operation Avalanche17
  Operation Husky80
  Operation Merkur3
  Operation Shingle8
  Patton's Husky5
  Patton: Master of Battle4
  Patton: Uncle Joe's Advice2
  Rommel - Master of Battle18
  Run 5 Shingle Variant4
  Sealion 19403
  TAO5: On to Antwerp10
  TAO5: Race to the Meuse12
  TAO5: Sixth Panzer Armee4
  Velikyie Luki2
  War in Europe -- June 19417
  Market Garden26