ATD2 Some Further Thoughts

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ATD2 Some Further Thoughts

Postby Talos » Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:30 am

After finishing some more games of this scenario, i have come to the conclusion that its even more unbalanced than i initially thought (i thought it might just need some VP tweaking for Soviet forces to make it balance out to start with).

Just chaging the VP's is probable not going to be enough i think it will need some other tweaks as well. The German Pz Korps are extremely powerful and as long as they stay reasonably concentrated the Soviet forces are doomed, as its possible to bypass most of the good defensive terrain and in the open they are really just cannon fodder for the German troops.

Some thoughts other than what Abwehr has commented on far.

1) Maybe some tweaks to the AO's for the initial Soviet forces so they can strike further west (if they wanted to, it would at least make the German player think about his troop dispositions at the start of the game).

2) Some more infantry replacements early on for the Soviet forces (first 3-5 tunrs), later in the game its not really much of an issue.

3) Maybe a cut back on some of the German arty, i have had trouble using it most of the time and it ws getting to a failry rediculous stage of trying to roll double 6's to cause a step loss to Soviet units for want of anything better to do.

4) Maybe an earlier release of some of the Soviet reserve units and/or starting them at a higher strength.

5) Changing the VP allocation for the three eastern cities so the Soviets start getting some VP's earlier rather than just for the last turn.

If anyone has any additional thoughts feel free to comment or if you happen to disagree with anything i have said, as i would like to get this scenario to work with a better play balance.
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Postby Abwehr » Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:49 pm

The additional Soviet replacements could be gained from giving the Soviets a special replacement for every 4 steps killed, which is something I'm also going to put in my variant.

The problem with the VP's is that they more or less require a totally ahistorical flow of the battle. The Germans captured Smolensk within days, but in the scenario the main hope the Soviets have for winning is holding it. If Smolensk falls early or around the historical time, a German overwhelming/decisive victory is more or less set in stone as none of the other VH's can compensate for Smolensk. Making the VH's near the western edge of the map more valuable for the Germans (so they can't basically bypass them and capture them at their leisure) could solve part of this.

For me, the main problem in terms of combat remains that Soviet troops drop like flies and really require a life, which I have given them, and that the city CRT's mean the Germans can just walk into a city without any artillery or air support at all. The defenders won't retreat, but the CRT's are generous enough to make sure the Soviets bleed to death after a number of attacks.

The Soviet reserve forces need time to patch themselves up, so an earlier release might be possible, but only by 1 or 2 turns as otherwise the Soviet player will be inclined to move half strength forces to the front. I'm still digging through the Soviet Mechanized Corps strengths in July and I expect there will be some changes.

German artillery could be "concentrated" on Corps level, so that German divisions no longer have artillery, but their artillery is bundled into a few strong units on Corps level. The Germans have a sickening amount of artillery, artillery they don't really need to remove the Soviets from a hex, to begin with, so some changes could be a good idea.
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