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hot keys

Postby Spuddy64 » Sun Mar 23, 2008 1:27 am

where would I find an up to date and complete list of BiN hot keys?

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Postby JSS » Mon Mar 24, 2008 10:47 am

Here's a copy of my list:

‘q’ Rollover Help/Alert Status/Victory/Dice Stats/ No Lower Display
‘w' Front line on Strategic Map On/Off
‘e’ Strongpoints Displayed/Hidden
‘r’ Highlight hexes containing units that can take Replacements
‘t’ Show/Hide supply radius for selected Supply Truck
‘y’ Reserved for debug routines
‘u’ Units Displayed/Hidden
‘i’ Town Indicators On/Off
‘o’ Combat Advisor On/Off
‘p’ Show/Hide movement penalties in hex
‘a’ Artillery Radius On/Off
‘s’ Show supplied hexes On/Off
‘d’ Division Indicators On/Off
‘f’ Front Line On/Off
‘h’ Hex Grid On/Off
‘k’ KIA Units Displayed/Hidden
‘l’ Leave Unit (deselect current unit)
‘x’ Show Moved Units Normal/Darkened
‘c’ Highlight hexes containing units that can take transport
‘n’ Town Names On/Important Only/Off
‘m’ Mines Displayed/Hidden
‘b’ Show/Hide Interdiction markers
‘space’ Selects/Deselects all units (main and combat displays)
Control A Show/Hide AI display
Control U Shows/Hides supply and reinforcement symbols on map edge
Control P Dumps map to disk
Control D Turn highlighting of movement area On/Off
Control S Saves game (unless email game is being played)
Control Z Undo last action
F1 Undo last action
F2 Entrench currently selected stack
F3 Extend movement of selected stack
F4 Drop detachment from selected stack
F5 Display AA zone.
Cyan hex = active AA unit
Orange = Town AA range
Yellow = Unit AA unit range
F6 Display attack and shock values.
Total attack strength of all attack capable units in hex
Gold arrow = Elite unit in stack
Red Arrow = No Elite unit in stack
F7 Display defense, shock and entrench values
Green hex with dark blue defence bar = all possible units entrenched
Yellow hex.with cyan depressed defence bar = some entrenched and some possible entrenchments
Red hex with cyan raised defence bar = no entrenchments but some possible entrenchments
Gray hex with gray defence bar = no units can entrench
F8 Display vulnerability
Gray combat marker = no overrun possible
Green combat marker = overrun possible
Orange marker = no combat units in hex therefore vulnerable
F9 Display VPs for each objective during the current turn
Green number = VPs being gained for controlled objective
Yellow number = VPs that could be gained (enemy controls objective)
F10 Shows railways and rail bridges
Yellow = friendly control, red = enemy control
F11 Shows roads and road bridges
Blue = Major Road, Brown = Minor Road
Yellow = friendly control, red = enemy control
F12 Show all bridges
Yellow = friendly control, red = enemy control
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