Allow one hex move/abandon Tanks

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Allow one hex move/abandon Tanks

Postby pterrok » Thu Jun 17, 2004 1:42 am

Roger Keating wrote:In BIN supplies are much more of a problem than KP.

Does BiN fix the bug where reinforcements coming in out of supply are red? I also noticed something else about this situation (from the blitz 2UK final aar Axis turn 9):


The first half shows that the Panzer starts with 16 OPs and if he moves north to a green supply hex, he'll have 10 OPs left. So I move him and take the second pic--and now he has 24 Extended and 12 regular OPs left! He has a maximum of 28 Extended and I used 6 to move north and I can still move 24 after an overrun--I gained 2 OPs somehow--sweet!

After I noticed that, later in the same turn I had another unit in the red in the line--and when I looked closely, sure enough, when he moved back into supply he in effect gained one OP!

Now that would be bug fixes, but here's a new proposal for the old KP--I'm not sure how it would work, if at all, in BiN: I want to be able to move a unit one hex a turn IF the only thing stopping it is enemy ZOC penalties. If the unit is red and got it's basic OPs and that would allow it to move a hex for terrain costs it should be able to move one hex, but it would NOT be able to move further after that.

Since I don't have BiN ( :x ) the supply status and basic OP handling is a msytery to me, but maybe infantry units out of supply should ALWAYS be able to walk away one hex like this--they have a great incentive, after all! Armor and fully/mechanized units could devolve to infantry because they in effect abandoned their tanks? Maybe award some VPs to the other side when that happens. Heck, allow the other side to form a new unit out of the captured tanks!

OK, I'm getting silly :P Who has the historical perspective on that sort of stuff?
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