Whenever the end of year comes around and I consider

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Whenever the end of year comes around and I consider

Postby ccorraliza » Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:47 am

purchasing a new game...I install BF or BII and download all of the patches and scenarios and have at it during the holiday season. Am completely satiated by the end and the need to purchase is satisfied. I have not purchased a game since 2009 with Kharkov

These are the best games of their type for Windows. (Avalon Hill's WaW in DOS) I could never appreciate Kharkov and so just replay BF, BIN,BII,KP/ATD, and TAO in the update versions with the add-on scenarios. I also enjoy Defending the Reich but that is a different sort of game.

Is BF to receive additional scenarios or is the focus on Kharkov?
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