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Postby sarahtim » Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:42 pm

Hi Roger Hi Ian
Long time since my last chinese dinner. :-)

Has it occurred to you guys that the iPhone might be a great way to capitalise on your brand and databases? I reckon a game about as complex as the original Battlefront or Russia could be made to work very well on that screen using gestures to zoom in on the pieces and push them here and there...

Maybe I should try and talk Sarah into having a go at it but Roger's intelligence (the AI and the real thing) would be the key.

Not wishing to sound too mercenary but this idea is partly triggered by the fact that some folk are making a packet out of iPhone software and there is nothing being offered that comes close to your stuff.

On the other hand you might be busy as nailers and all contractually tied up anyway. Still, I thought I'd ask.

I hope you are all fit and well. Commiserations on getting thrashed at Kharkov Roger. ;-)

Best wishes
Tim up on the Gold Coast.
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