Ladder log-in expiry time

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Ladder log-in expiry time

Postby falco » Sun Jan 06, 2008 5:18 pm

Guys....would it be possible to extend the expiry time for ladder reporting/log-ins beyond the current 6 month limit? Time and time again I've completed a game with an opponent, reported it on the ladder only to find that I couldnt because my opponent hasnt completed a game or logged in during the previous 6 months.

This is a REAL pain because you then have to track down your opponent and then wait for him to do so (and occasionally they just wont bother!). I like to keep track of all my completed battles. I know some people cant be bothered with ladders but I like 'em. I like the thought of having a permanent record of all my gaming exploits (good AND bad).

Personally I feel the current 6 month limit is unrealistic. Many of the DB series scenarios can take a long time to play, especially by e-mail. How about extending the time limit to 9 months or a year?
- falco.
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