Overrun Routine...

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Overrun Routine...

Postby Carrington » Wed Feb 25, 2004 7:12 am

Per an adjacent thread elsewhere, hexes can be overrun-proofed by three combat steps and any entrenched unit.

Note that the game manual could be read as requiring one entrenched 3-step unit, rather than an combination of steps and one entrenchment. I liked this subtlety and I wonder if differing algorithms for overruns could be exposed to modification by scenario designers.

from the other thread....

Pawlock wrote:
Carrington wrote:
robjess wrote:
Twinkle wrote:5, don't forget that 3 steps of dug-in units in a hex always negate the overrun ability. And remember to place your detachements as these negate the attackers positive combat shifts, and/or adds to his movement cost.

No thats not always the case, only 3 'combat' steps dug in will negate an overrun. So digging in a combat unit with 2 steps and a AA support unit with 1 step in the same hex may not stop an overrun because one of the steps isnt a combat step.

I've been confused about this for a while, so went back to the source -- the Game Manual, which says (3.13.4) "in addition units that have 3 steps or more _and_ are entrenched negate an attacker's ability to conduct overrun atttacks on the unit."

I had been thinking that it was an entrenched unit and a three step unit -- not necessarily the same unit, and something that makes the AT units valuable. Others seem to think it is the total number of steps, or combat steps in the hex. Can someone do a definitive test?

I dont need to test, one of my opponents made that mistake once, it has to be 3 combat steps, AT units as of the patch are non combat.
It can be any mix of units ie 3 1 steps or 2 1 steps and a 2 step etc and entrenched.

But it can be a mix of units? Finally tested it myself. It can be 3 combat steps, of any mix, along with, interestingly, an entrenched non-combat unit -- meaning that the non-combat unit _can_ bring the entrenchment to the mix.
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Postby Joe » Wed Feb 25, 2004 7:23 pm

I have also read that certain hexes do not allow overrun. But I have not figured out which ones.

Anybody know?
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Postby Twinkle » Wed Feb 25, 2004 7:30 pm

Joe wrote:I have also read that certain hexes do not allow overrun. But I have not figured out which ones.

Anybody know?

just look at the combat result table for each terrain and you will se which types of terrain that will allow overrun attacks, and which ones that will stop all attempts of overrun attacks.

just out of curiosity, haven't you studied the tutorials (no need to play, but reading them are useful), or the game manual. I believe that there are numerous of references to this.

/twinkle :wink:
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Postby JSS » Wed Feb 25, 2004 8:34 pm

Joe wrote:I have also read that certain hexes do not allow overrun. But I have not figured out which ones.

Anybody know?


You have to look at the CRT tables. They tell you for each terrain type whether the overrun is possible and what the odds are to achieve overrun... Please notice that sometimes a terrain type is no overrun possible in one weather and does allow overrun in the second weather type.

If the hex only has "non-combat units" a different set of CRT rules apply (click "see strong points" in the CRT menu to see the details) regardless of terrain type.

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