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score issues

Postby hank » Thu May 17, 2012 9:30 am

forget this ... I tried to post an issue with scoring.


I got distracted last night and did not get to finish. Sorry for the confusion.

My post in the "historical issues" thread is what I started on here. I was going to post screen shots but I don't think its necessary now.

The last turn on the AtD2 scenario said I was ahead by 639 points and if nothing changed I would have a final score of 639. But after the ruskies turn I only had 239 ... a draw instead of a win.

I know there were four cities that I had not captured; each worth 100 pts per turn. I did not know that those were not calculated in the final score or not. How was I to know that 400 pts was not factored into the final ... as long as nothing else happened (losses of units etc). And nothing did occur to change the score.

I apologize for coming across angrier than I was. I was a bit disappointed but I was glad I had captured all but those four objectives ... and even more important to me for this game; I destroyed at least 3/4 of all the enemy forces. (the dead and destroyed littered the landscape)

It was a fun scenario which I will play again.

I would like to see that final score miscalculation fixed. I knew those cities were still in the hands of the Russions but I thought those points were factored in to the final projected score.

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Postby Joe » Mon May 21, 2012 3:41 pm

In a PBEM game in BII somebody beat me because this same thing happened.

I was going first he was going second.

As I was starting my last turn I had a small points lead that should have finished in a draw.

I dug in to defend my territory.

My opponent made a few moves but didn't do much.

He sent me the final results and he had a minor ( or major) victory. (I forget exactly).

The points had swung by a large number when it seemed nothing had happened.

Most players would not notice unless the score was close on that last turn.

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