First map, and i go all in. help needed

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First map, and i go all in. help needed

Postby Visco » Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:29 am

Hey guys. so i bet most of you guys think this is pure insanity, and it is.

im planning to learn large scale by doing small scale, that way less stuff can go wrong.

Map idea:
War between A and B, the war has started and the target is to take the vital central town, then push forward to capture A's (or B's) Capital (small town, size of a village).

Troops used:
A and B:
1st Army
*1st Cav Reg
**1st Cav
**2nd Cav
**3rd Cav

*1st Inf
**1st Inf
**2nd Inf
**3rd Inf
**4th Inf
***1st Artillery

*2nd Inf
**1st Inf
**2nd Inf
**3rd Inf
**4th Inf, mot
***2nd Artillery

What do i intend with this scenario?

Well. Mainly to learn and study the engine,editor and the possible ways to use is (i love these games but so far all i know how to do is to change the turns etc)
My intentions are NOT to make PBEM game maps but to make singleplayer, hard to win maps were most times a status quo is. were both sides very much can win. this first map will be 100% equal ammount of units other then when a side is about to lose (capital is about to fall) there will be conscrips wich can save you (think fall of berlin).

As i think my Photoshop skills are fairly good i just need to find a good way to make what i do want to see. i love the SSG maps were its very cartoonish and thats what i aim to learn how to do.

I have started working on the map (posted below) its about 10% done and once i get it done i hope it will look close to what SSG could have done. the map is not big at all (200x200 px) and i intend to make it 20x20 hexes therefor there is no armor in my first one.

alltho before i can start working this map of mine i need to know.. HOW do i get it in to the game? game files are saved in a strange file format.

// Viscos

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Postby Chris Merchant » Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:28 am

Hi Visco

nice map, I'd play on it for sure :D

Probably the best place to start, at least until SSG have updated the Kharkov editor document, is here:

Rob did a lot of work documenting the KP editor and a lot of the principles are unchanged, in terms of creating your map and drawing one in.

cheers Chris
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Postby Robjess » Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:49 pm

Hi Visco..

Nice job mate. If you are an experienced Photoshop user, then let me recommend the following approach..

Load up some of the existing SSG or Run5 User Created Maps, and then use the Pattern Maker in photoshop to create patterns for each of the terrain types. So in other words, sample the other maps to create a catalogue of patterns for each of your terrain types.

Then when you want to create your own map, use the Pattern Stamp tool to select your Terrain that you want to use.. and away you go. Its a very simple process.

Also make sure that each terrain has its own layer.. that will help if you ever want to change all of a terrain type later on.

Also when I create my maps I try do build and draw the map logically. I always do the bottom layers first and then the top layers last. What I mean but that is, I to the Clear terrain first, and the hills are on top of the clear terrain, so I do the hills next, and then the trees sit on top of the clear terrain and the hills so I do the trees last. If you know what I mean. I found it makes it easier to make the map look more realistic that way.

Also make good use of your flow and opacity settings.. not everything needs to be 100%. Remember build it all up in layers one on top of each other.

Good luck!
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