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Low odds attacks

Postby critter » Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:06 pm

Somebody needs to teach him about the value of low odds attacks and the use of Air intradiction.
While there are some turns Air int. is used to slow down enemy moves...(12th SS at Normandy) and to stop from reinforcing break thru's.
Air Int is mostlly used to cut off supply to the front line hexes. If you place them right and hit the enemy units with low odds attacks, He will be forced to retreat or defend with units out of supply. As most normal units have 2 turns worth of supply, It's the preferred way to force 352 Div off the Omaha beaches or get into Carentan.
AA guns and AT guns only carry one turn of supply. If you're able to hit them twice. You could very well destroy them sitting there as the enemy lines retreat.
Also you've got to worry about elite units, naval Int, keep an eye on the weather, resting your units so you're able to use them smartly
Do you understand the rules?
Send me a pm and we'll work out a match. If you're serious and want to try and learn I'll try and help. Go to the SSG articles page and read them.
I suggest that you should start with BIN and work up. I don't have Kharkov so I'll be reading the AAR's too...
I do believe there is a need for more articles and AAR's covering the opening moves and stratagy's of most of the games.
I'd love to see a good German opening in TAO. ( That I could steal...Of course... :wink: )
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Postby Gregor Whiley » Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:11 am

ccorraliza wrote:I have played and replayed all of the SSG titles since Ardennes was available. Great games, even Battlefront. But I am stumped and frustrated with Kharkov. Played both sides and soundly whipped on both occassions.

No complaints. But only commenting on how this game appears as the other games visually but obviously plays competely different.

The change that you are noticing is most probably due to the Area of Operations system. This system stops the human player from doing what would be militarily impossible but achievable in-game in order to beat the AI. Just as importantly, it gives the AI a much smaller and hence easier problem to solve, since each formation just worries about its own AO. The AI creator gets to worry about the big picture, using the change of control of objectives to select new operations for formations.

So my advice would be to spend a little time exploring the AO system. Its great advantage for the human player is that it sets out an overall strategy for you, especially at the start of the game. Of course you still have a multitude of choices to make, but you do know what you are expected to achieve with each formation and you know the forces available to you.

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