Detaching ships.

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Detaching ships.

Postby IKYamato9 » Sat May 08, 2010 9:11 pm


I already posted this on Matrix forum and how much i saw, it is most likely that discussion over caw is dead there.

Sorry for beating a dead horse here but i have a few questions to ask.

Although in particular i dont like carrier warfare (traditional gun range naval battles are more of my taste) i found that CAW is rather interesting game. More or less i passed over all flaws (Task groups are anchored during strike, small number of scenarios, rather simplified carrier and ship operations..etc,etc,) of this game but this inability of DETACHING ships from TF´s is totally disasterous for game realism. I mean, lack of this option degrades this interesting game in level below average naval simulation. Games more than a decade older than CAW,...GNB series, TF 1942, Dreadnoughts...they all haved detach option, because this is one of main factors for using a fleet in common sense. I almost lost entire carrier group because one heavy damaged destroyer which one i could not detach. Carriers and cruisers capable of 30+ knots limped with 6-12 kts damaged destroyer.. what a farce!

OK, I didnt come here to spit on this nice game but to point out how big drawback this is. My opinion is that "detach" option should be placed in game by default and not if scenario designer wanted this, or to wait that ship speed falls below 4-5 kts to get that or scuttle option.

Is there any chance in future that we will see some next update with this option?
Is there any way to edit warcards or something else in editor to achive that ship which speed fall from, lets say... 34 kt to 28 kt become detachable?

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