Corrupt 'Weserubung' scenario file

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Corrupt 'Weserubung' scenario file

Postby Erik Nygaard » Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:22 pm

I posted this on the Matrix forum.

"I have posted this in a SSG crash report.
I was going to post this scenario soon and I really hope SSG will sort this one out.

I had created a functional 'Weserubung 1940'-scenario.
I then wanted to reduce the no of landbases, moved the affected air-squadrons and deleted the surplus bases.
I got messages about connected warcards, but thought I could fix this later.
First the editor crashed when I tried to access the warcards.
Then I was unable to open the scenario, corrupt file message.
Lastly, CAW now crashed to the desktop immediately before reaching the scenario selection screen. Probably because Weser was the last one played.
A .bak file was created during the crash, moving this out of the folder allows me to get into the game again.

Please, please fix the scenario file as I have spent quite a few hours making this scenario creating planes, ships and a couple hundred warcards...


Edit: It appear that all is not lost. After resetting the options to default values I was able to open the scenario again, big relief! I have now saved a couple of backup versions as the editor will still crap out when entering the warcards editor. I will post a few plane/ship pictures later (yes, the Graf Zeppelin will be included in a variant) waiting for SSG to hopefully solve the warcard errors."

Edir 2: I rebuilt the warcards from scratch and the scenario is up and running again.
Erik Nygaard
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