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Postby sorcerer » Tue Jan 17, 2006 11:45 pm

A very interesting reponse there...of which your plan had sound tactical and stregtic bases.

1. Counter my thrust towards Lysianka, I presume, at least initially.

Yes I can see this possibility however one has to question why the units did not re-appear in the zone Lsyianka > Votylevka. They would be at the front in a maximum of two turns.

2. At start to try to take Votylevka (major russian objective), then because he had to counterattack to disengage his forces.

A major mistake on the part of the Russian commander to assume Votylevka could be held without the 16th tank. Also there a numerous small units in this area with low attack points so surely some could have been entrenched properly without reducing combat odds.

3. He has none at his disposal without lessening other parts of his frontlines.

There are units in the middle of the map, a division of one step infantry units. These are useful in blocking up the river line and can quite easily and at low cost prevent and or slow down any major challenge.

4. Because my feint succeeded. He apparently believed the central thrust was my main effort. I remind you that the central thrust is the 'normal' german strategy.

I would slightly differ on this. I do not believe your feint was originally intended but due to following events this is how is played out. (Like a player missing a ball in by accident which fools the defender so it still goes to his team-mate) The removal of the 16th obviously got your attention, but even then the drive north out of Votylevka is unlikely. The Russian player succeeded in blocking the middle, and could have given you considerable ground here. I believe either turn 3 or 4 was the golden turn for the Russian player, who with the middle blocked should have put the 16th back into the line north of Votylevka. Then the German attack here would have been thwarted. Of course he didn't so you took full advantage, and well done I might add because I am sure you had to plan multiple attacks and ensure fast units could mop up the retreating Russian units.

5. A small mistake with no consequence. He will have easily reoccupy the town during his turn. My AAR comment was just for the story.

Perhaps so. I would like to suggest that the area around Korsun is balanced slightly too much in the German players favour, mainly due to Wiking. I am unsure of the historical strength of the unit, but have heard somewhere that in the game its strength is vastly overrated. Turn 1, Wiking mops up infantry units and then moves to Korsun. Pretty standard, and around Korsun its very difficult for the Russian player to get good odds on the airfield fortification, esp. with Wiking defending it. This can take 3 turns, at least, and yet the Russian has to get to the airfield first!

That is the only slight imbalance in the scenario, and were it fixed along with smaller VP margins, this would be an even better scenario.
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Postby Fantassin » Wed Jan 18, 2006 12:49 am

1. It had, just south of Lysianka. Look at my "south front" Allied Turn 3 AAR post. Stormcrow also suggested after allied turn 1 AAR that the 16th Tank may have been sent to reduce the pocket. Of course I had envisaged this possibility too and that's why I didn't shift my forces west too soon.

2. Don't forget he had alreay lost several of these understrength units at this stage

4. Had the 16th Tank not reappared to block my advance towards Lysianka, I would have changed my plans and continued my attack there. His forces remaining in front of the city could not have stopped me without its support.
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