Looking for a KP game by PBEM

Looking for an opponent for a PBEM game of Korsun Pocket?

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Looking for a KP game by PBEM

Postby amartinsauto » Mon Sep 26, 2005 9:50 pm

Hi everybody,

I am new with KP. I have the 1.12 version and I have downloaded scenarios like Kursk, Husky, Veliky Luky, Alamain and Hells gate. I have many years of experience with wargames and it is very greatfull to see that we can play those wonderfull wargames electronically and by email. KP has such a beautiful units and maps that invites to play a lot but as I have heard here the AI gives you no challenge so I am looking for a real opponent! :lol:

My experience with KP is a few turns in the shorter scenarios and one big campaign agaist the AI. I will be open to play whatever scenario from the Cherkassy pocket or other theaters like Bulge or Alamein etc... (I havent play them but as a lover of the WWII history I could deal with the objetives for my army :P )

My email: amartinsauto@terra.es

Thank you
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Postby sorcerer » Mon Sep 26, 2005 9:59 pm

Great another fan of Korsun Pocket.. :twisted: Will send you a PM.
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