Korsun Pocket Patch Imminent - Finish PBEM Your Games!

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Korsun Pocket Patch Imminent - Finish PBEM Your Games!

Postby AlexS » Wed Apr 20, 2005 10:54 pm

Hi Guys,

We are testing the digital download version of KP at the moment. We had to add some code to allow the digital download side of things to happen, so while we were there we fixed up a few annoying bugs. These include

- Only 8 chars allowed for the filename.
- Install path too long messing up the auto start email feature.
- Registering dkp files to open with the program to allow easier PBEM starting ala BIN.
- The removal of the CD check on startup. After patching, KP will no longer require the CD to be in the drive.
- More informative PBEM error messages. Instead of header error #5 etc, we get error descriptions ala BIN.

We hope to have the patch tested and ready for download within the next couple of weeks.

The changes invalidate current PBEM games, so people in tournaments will have to be aware of this fact, and update between rounds etc.

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