Fun game.. but..

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Fun game.. but..

Postby Cetaci Warlord » Wed May 21, 2008 8:55 pm

Ive found that the cetaci are the best warlords of them all.
Develop the 3 colonisation techs, colonise like nuts.
Building que: I1/R1/I2/C/R2/I3/R3/I4/R4

No i dont care at all about losing a few hundred colonyships. I just keep spamming the galaxy with them anyway.. groups of 5, out they go.. and hopefully find a peaceful planet to colonise.

then a bit later, having colonised vast parts of space and more or less finished researching everything, remove all research (you dont need those anymore).. and adding ships 1-3. Defences are nice to add somewhere along the line, like after having built your first 5 ship3 or so, and have a healthy flow of SD:s

Building nothing but whales, with full lasers.
Sending them out in squads of ~10 with 60?90?100? colony ships each. I can usually keep 8 or so such fleets going..
Then just wiping out all enemy life, one system at a time, one planet a fllet a turn thank ou very much.. while colonising Everything. I dont care what the enemy destroys, since im destroying and building much faster than what they can take down. Eventually ive won the war of attrition... while having fielded another dozen or two such fleets.

"Survival".. lol
The myrmodi(!) never survive 60 turns under me, so when the humans come to save me they find a galaxycorner fully built up and colonised by cetaci (every world maxxed)+600 SD & 5000 colonyships.. ready to take on the rest of the galaxy :D
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Postby Cetaci Warlord » Wed May 21, 2008 9:10 pm

And a bt on the lesser races:

Saurichi have a nice concept and are likely the strongest of them all... except for that ridiculously slow start. Good luck getting them into gear before turn 70! After that they are unstoppable, using similar tactics to the cetaci above.

Hive, probly the most balanced basic race of them all. You can colonise fast, lots and build semi good ships early. Too bad you have researched everything by turn 30?
Oh yeah, and sieges will cost an arm and a leg in lost ships to defences. As opposed to the ubermasters cetaci who wont lose a single ship except to freak bad luck.

Arimechs, weird ones. Very nice ships, powerful production and good colonisation.. oh wait.. youll just have one or 3 colonyship building planets. OUCH!!
Powertful, but mortally crippled.

Humans, crypholites, cambri... oh dear. WEAK!
Between useless or overtly expensive techs/ships, very weak colonisation and other such flaws, these races are all doomed for early destruction. No future for those.

Well outies are good. With lots of planets to take and very powerful cruisers. And the combine can pull a early trick.. a dreadnought at tech 1 or 2.. that can sweep away all minor ships of other races. Other than that, as bad as basic humans.

Trogs and polyphim arent bad as such, just limited colonisation.

Klaa-keen, too damn expensive tech (ie comes slooow), too expensive ships and none too good colonisation.. althought not poor.
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Shes breaking up captain

Postby critter » Thu May 22, 2008 4:30 am

Sounds like this lad has dared to boldly go where no man has gone b4.....
Seek out new and exotic civilizations....And Fry em.... :twisted:
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Postby Cetaci Warlord » Tue May 27, 2008 2:28 am

Anyway. My point somewhere along the line was that the civ meant to be wimpy... are the supreme warlords unequalled in their ability to lay all others low, while the "powerful" ones: saurichi, klaa-ken, human etc leave a lot to be desired. Myrmodi.. ugh.. do they build their overtly expensive ships from glass?

Its like a bomberplane that throws himmelmanns and wipes out fighters.. or medics infact being the best killers on the battlefield. Infantry, tanks.. doesnt matter. Mr medic with minimal fighting skills takes it all down.
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