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Some Fun - AAR

Postby Mikus42 » Tue Apr 12, 2005 11:32 am

I had some fun playing random games this weekend.

I choose small maps, 2 AI's. It is challenging to make headway against the AI. One game the Myrmodi and the Hive were my opponents. I was beating up on the Myrmodi pretty well, and then the Hive starting moving in from the other side of the map.

Well, I was holding my own, but it takes a long time to bombard a planet into dust. I was not able to invade the Hive planets. It was a 120 turn game and it ended before I had made much progress against them.

As he attacked me more, I couldn't afford to build my planet busting design any more. I needed good combat ships.

Tough decisions....lots of fun.
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