Human Tech Tree

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Human Tech Tree

Postby Mikus42 » Fri Apr 15, 2005 3:54 am

As I am learning this game, I am playing the Humans.

I have decided that it is important to skip certain techs and drive on to the next ERA ASAP to get to better techs.

Frankly, some of the era 1 techs are not worth researching.

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Postby pterrok » Fri Apr 15, 2005 4:14 am

Exactly correct--but it can be applied to ANY race!

Furthermore, since you want to be able to take advantage of the enemies strengths/weaknesses, a tricky thing you can do is not be researching ANYTHING at all--just pile up the research points. Then we you see what you want/need after meeting your neighbors just allocate it then.

This works since you can 'buy' as many techs as you can afford on a single turn--when you DO allocate things to be researched you'll get them next turn if you have the points.

This saves you from switching in the middle of researching a tech when you decide you need something else ASAP. While the other tech is still partially paid for and will be easier to complete later, if you had waited until you could buy it before researching it you would get the emergency tech that much quicker.

When playing a game where I have a lot of initial points and no tech look ahead I'll buy the advance and look around to see what I want. Unless of course I have techs that I can really use--those that increase output or colonies, for example.
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Postby Cetaci Warlord » Mon May 28, 2012 8:13 am

want to try something fun?

Do the cetaci extingction scenario, with the almost powerful myrmidons hunting you to nearly guaranteed extinction?


Build like this: Industry1 Research1 Defence 1 Industry2 COLONY Research2 Industry3 Research3 Industry4 Research4

Bother with no ships in the beginning. only colonyships. Colonise everything you can.

Oh and research, research only the colonisation improving techs
After that grab the techs allowing fully decked out whales with lasers (dont bother with missiles or anti-missiles)

Your strong economy will allow multiple such whaleships and accompaning colonisation ships every round. Gather them in hordes of 8 and burn, annihilate and colonise everything else.

Game should be over by turn 70 or so with cetaci in control of every world and no myrmidons anywhere. Then click thru the last 30 turns and wait for the surprised humans that will come to help :p

Cetaci are by far the strongest race.
And yes, something similar can be done in the 8-race race aswell. You can also clean out the galaxy of all other lifeforms that way. Dont bother trading with anyone tho.
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