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PBEM Rules

Postby Robjess » Sun Sep 14, 2003 10:49 am

Hi everyone,

Joss and I have sat down (well virtually anyway) and agreed upon the following rules for the PBEM Ladder. Whilst we acknowledge that there have been many views shared by many people in terms of what the rules should be; Joss and I have agreed upon this with the approach that we need to keep them as simple as possible, limit the opportunity for abuse and cheating and to make it as fun as possible to everyone whilst at the same time trying not to disadvantage any players.

We understand that some people may have differing opinions and views as to those listed here for the rules. I would ask that you be mindful that it is virtually impossible for us to create rules that would keep everyone 100% happy. We have tried to find a happy medium.. but have made an executive decision on some points.

- Scoring will be as per this spreadsheet http://www.combatleagues.com/ladderscoring.htm. Although there may be slight modifications in terms of the points, but it will be based upon a total amount of points that will be shared between the players based upon the degree of win/loss. Losers of a game will ALWAYS get some points, this is to encourage play - no one goes home empty handed.

- Score modifications will apply based upon the size of the scenario. We are proposing that they are as listed in the above spreadsheet (1-16 x1, 17-32 x2, 32+ x3). It is based around 16 turn blocks. This approach is in line with the length of current scenarios within the series (including TAO2 and KP).

- Scores will be based upon the length of the scenario being played, regardless of the number of actual turns played in the game is ended earlier.

- Resignations/Abandonments will be considered an overwhelming victory to the opponent.

- There will be no 'rout' option, as previously talked about in the forums.

- Ladder play will not introduce turn 'turn' around times, or game completion times. Athough players should agree to 'estimated' turn around times for turns at the begining of the game, these will not be prescriptive but will give an indication to the other player how often they can expect to recieve turns back. Players should keep each other informed of any extended perionds during which they will be unable to complete their turns.

- The following rules will apply to Abandoned Games. If a player has not received a response from their opponent after 1 week they will then send an email to their opponent querying the delay in respose, then after another week they will issue another email cc'ing the Ladder Administrator. If there is no response 1 week later, the Ladder Administrator will send an email to both players declaring the game as an abandoned game and declaring an overwhelming win to the reporting player.

It is therefore vital that players keep in contact with each other, and advise of any periods of extended leave or inabiliy to complete their turn, so that the game can be put on hold. Failure to do this may result in an abandoned game being declared.

- Any cheating will see you removed from the ladder.

- It is proposed that games may be cross reported to this ladder and any other appropriate ladders (ie: The Blitz) so long as both players are members of each ladder. ie: Clearly you cant report a game on this ladder if both players are not members.

- Ladder play game options (ie: hidden/exposed units, Combat Adviser, supply etc) are not prescriptive and will not effect the level of points awarded for the result. Players are free to choose the options for each game as they see fit.

- Tournament play will be seperate to Ladder play and will only occur when a Tournament is hosted by the site. Tournaments game options will be prescriptive (ie: a set scenario with set game options and set turn around times) for all games played as part of that Tournament. Tournament results will be posted seperately, although the results of individual Tournament matches will also contribute to player rankings on the normal ladder. Tournament play will be fast and furious - something to look out for!

I think thats it. Except, understand that as we go along we may amend these rules to address specific problems that crop up or if we find that something clearly is not working. Also remember these are the general rules, but in terms of fairness and equity there may be some instances where we will look at one off individual circumstances and may apply contrary rules - these would be few and far between and would be done in consulation of the players involved. That last statement is just there as a cover all guys.. there is nothing sinister intended.
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