The Lost Scenarios

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Postby JSS » Sun May 13, 2012 12:28 am

Abwehr wrote:
JSS: 2x6 isn't the same as 1x12, particularly as only the first dice roll matters for the retreat result, so double dice don't statistically improve the chance of getting a retreat result. They just statistically increase the chance more casualties will be suffered by one or both sides. The second roll being irrelevant when it comes to retreat rolls (and possibly also overruns pre-Battlefront, I'm not sure) often makes the second roll much less important than it could be.

Certainly there's a difference in how the CRTs are used. 1x12 would need 12 distinct CRT result lines. If the scenario designer added more R results for the higher throws, agree that it would be a very different situation.
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Re: The Lost Scenarios

Postby Malak » Tue May 15, 2012 10:43 pm

laska2k4 wrote:
nikdav wrote: ....
I think there are too many scenarios lost for lack of time and the incompatibility of the new engine

I totally agree with you, create a new scenario could be compared to develope a new game.
I loved this series from BIN to Kharkov, but there's a lot of work for a simple scenario especially starting with the map creation. Most of us aren't graphics, adding a map editor surely added more longevity to this wonderful games.

Yes, the time investment is huge if this is not your full time job. :roll: This is also perhaps explaining why SSG does not sell more addons with more scenarios if they are using the same editor than us.
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