I got the BIN blues.

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I got the BIN blues.

Postby critter » Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:31 am

Help...I be having some weird happenings.
Got 5 games of BIN OTP going on...
In 3 of them strange things are popping up
Game 2- Turn replay stopped after turn 1
Game 3- When I download my opponents turn it changes the file name to the mirror match we are playing.
Game 5- When my other opponent downloaded my sent turns It mixed the file names up and and he now has to rename the file. (we lost game 4.)

In my original game with Noakesy we haven't had a problem.

Is it a miss matched varient problem? Can it be fixed without killing them all?
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Postby JSS » Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:19 am

Here's what I recall for secure games and the issues you have above. Not sure if these cover your specific comments, but the notes below did not cause any real problem playing the games.

- Turn replay... within a given turn, you could only open the file and view the replay once (i.e. if you exited the game/lost power/turned computer off and then resumed the turn later, the second time you opened the turn it would not have replay). Subsequent turns would have the new turn's replay when received.

- File name changes... This occurred when you had a turn open, downloaded another turn, and attempted to open the just downloaded turn with Windows command (i.e. not thru BiN program). The turns continued to play fine... challenge was to remember which turn was which (autoemailer function might help keep that straight). ...and you could rename the turn file to attempt keeping them straight without problem.
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