OK, ready for some help...

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OK, ready for some help...

Postby nhill40 » Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:51 am

Help a new player out here! :D

I'm having a great time with the game, but I just can't seem to get over the hump...I feel like I have the game mechanics down pretty well now - I've got the hang of overruns, I'm not unintentionally opening big gaps in my lines, I'm keeping my units for the most part within my supply net, etc, etc but I'm still just missing something.

The re-occuring theme I keep running into is I feel like the scenario ends and I'm sitting there thinking "Man! If I only had one more turn!" I've played the Carentan and Cherbourg scenarios back to back over the last few days and that was my experience with both of them - I took a heavy toll on the Germans in both games with minimal losses of my own, yet only had paltry real-estate gains to show for it. Both games ended with multiple victory locations easily within my grasp, but alas - the clock had run out.

Not to belabor the point, but for example in my latest Cherbourg scenario, I destroyed something like 16 German units (not including SPs) to losses of only 1 unit of my own. Yet, I lost the game by 400+ pts!!! Yikes :shock:

My hunch is I am putting to much of an emphasis on destroying the enemy units and not enough emphasis on open manuevering to chew up real-estate. On one hand, I feel like I am doing my job as an armchair general by destroying the enemy's fighting power...but on the other hand, I am obviously allowing myself to be distracted from the overall mission objectives and am (rightfully) being punished for it (in the way of some embarrassing pt margin losses).

I'm reading through as many AAR's as I can to try and pick up some tips, so that helps, but any advice anyone could offer up would be much appreciated!
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Postby Talos » Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:49 am

Generally the shorter the scenario the more important VP hexes are, the longer the scenario its normally more advantagous to destroy enemy units. Though both of these statements are not absolute givens. Normally trying to find some kind of balance between the two, but it can be difficult. Also some units are worth more points than others. In Overlord the SS Panzer units are worth vast amounts of VP, but difficult to destroy, yet if you have the chance its worth taking that option even if only you have 1 or 2 in 6 chance. Also try and plane your attacks so that you are going for a goal over several turns, and using interdiction of all types to supplement this. Units will eventually run of supply if they are attacked long enough and interdiction is placed in appropriate places, at the very least forcing units to retreat to a new defensive to remain in supply.

If you have anything specific feel free to ask.
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