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Re: Normal to Have "Replay Data On"??

Postby boudi » Tue May 04, 2010 7:49 pm

JSS wrote:
Gambit wrote:Is it normal to have "Replay Data On" when playing secure games? I ask this because having "Replay Data On" means that your opponent can see where your units are from where they move and can construct the position of your forces from the replay information. It seems to me that having replay on negates the "Hidden Units" option. Under normal combat conditions you would not be able to see where your opponents units were moving to and having the "Replay Data On" negates the fog of war :?:

Replay Data should be on. The After Action Review is critical for playing competitive PBEM.

What you're refering to is something that arose with the 1.01 patch. The replay feature works properly BUT if a player exits his secure turn (using "x" or Alt + f4) and then completes the turn later a bug raises its ugly head... the replay then shows the replay from the opponent's (attacking player's) point of view with display errors during combat.

Key is to play your secure turn in one sitting. If you play straight thru and then end turn & send pbem file there is no problem.


Why this bug was never fixed since 5 years ? For playing a big scenario as OTP, it's impossible to play in one sitting. We have to play without replay, it's very boring.

Can whe hope a little patch in order to fix it ? BIN is still played. :(
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