The largest amphibious landing in history went better than its planners dared to hope. Yet weeks later the Allies had only liberated a small sliver of Normandy. Over fifty years later debate still rages as to why. Battles in Normandy recreates all aspects of the Normandy campaign, from the landings on the first day to the final climax of the campaign at Falaise.

Two monster campaign scenarios, D-Day to Cobra and Cobra to Falaise plus eight smaller scenarios will cover every important aspect of this critical campaign. Battles in Normandy features a new Decisive Battles game engine with a host of special new rules for amphibious and airborne operations, plus a huge number of other enhancements.


New game engine with improved user interface
New AI system
New user friendly game and map editor
Multiple resolution support
Special rules for Amphibious and Airborne operations
Extensive Rollover Help function
Carpet Bombing
Naval Bombardment
Mulberries (Artificial Harbors)
Bridge building, minefield and strongpoint creation
New supply rules
New rules for anti-aircraft and anti-partisan operations
New options for hidden units
New rules for extended movement and refitting units
Auto email and security functions for PBEM games
Extensive Tournament and Handicapping options for PBEM games
Evolved Units can change their characteristics mid-game



Amphibious Operations
Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Partisan and Carpet Bombing Operations



GameSpot Review Score 8.4

Strategy Informer Review Score 8.3

Wargamer Review


Available Second Quarter 2004

We’re sorry to have to announce that Battles in Normandy will not now be available until the second quarter of 2004. The slip in the delivery date is essentially due to all the new features we are adding to the Decisive Battles game system, which are just taking more time than expected to implement. Naturally, we don’t want to leave any of the features out, so we’ll just have to take the extra time to finish the game. We will be explaining the new features of the game prior to release, so keep checking these pages for an update.


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Battles In Normandy samples original music of the third reich produced by Tomahawk Films.