Version: 3.00 (May 2005)

Engine: Korsun Pocket

Turns: 28

AI or PBEM: Both

Author: Brubaker

Download: Kreta for KP


Kreta is a 36 turn battle that represents the central/western part of the island of Crete and the German paratrooper landing to capture that island in May 1941. It is centred around Maleme/Canea. Each day is represented by 4 turns - 3 day turns and 1 night. The Germans will find their supplies severly restricted at night and have no support. The Commonwealth troops for the most part will continue to be supplied at night (albeit marginally) and therefore can continue operations.

The airfield at maleme is the single most vital objective on the map. Without it, the Germans will find most of their reinforcements delayed and scattered, their supplies hampered severly. The Allies will find, to keep the airfield, they have to leave areas to their rear open to attack...

Whilst all attempts have been made to recreate the historical forces that fought this battle, the terrain that they fought over and the relative strengths and weaknesses of the units involved, game balance as always has played a crucial role in producing the final data.

If you feel a particular unit or terrain element is not accurate feel free to contact me at and I will endeavor to 'fix' it in any further iterations of this mod - providing it does not unrealistically alter the balance of the game.

Manual Air Drop is an identiacl version of the above scenario ***except*** the German player must place his drop zones himself. Remember, you cannot control the wind and flak so your units may well drop outside of the zone designated to them. Units only have limited supplies until they consolidate Maleme. It is recommended therefore to plan for a campaign, not a coup de main. However, shock too has its benefits...


I would like to thank Chris Merchant and Rob Gjessing for their tireless work on the Run5 website at Run5. It truly is the foremost site for all things Korsun Pocket related.

Thanks Rob for all your advice on all things editorial and for terrain patterns that can turn even the crudest map into a work of art. Rob too was the instigator and designer of the manual air drop variant.

Thanks SSG for producing such a great game to work with, and Matrix for getting it out there to you people.

The battle itself was created using the clunky version 1.1 of the game editor - god bless it ;)

All artwork was created using Photoshop 6.1

Images were sourced from the web. I have not sought permission to use these so if anyone has any objection to any image being used please contact me at and they will be altered/removed.

And finally, thanks to all those men and women (particulalry the Australian) on all sides that fought this often vicious and heartless battle. Though comparatively short in length of time, several thousand people lost their lives in this harsh terrain for the most part far from their homelands. Our hearts and thanks are with you.

Have fun!

Scott Wilson (Brubaker) December 2003