Assault on Port Stanley

Version: 1.00 (March 2004)

Engine: Korsun Pocket

Turns: 16

AI or PBEM: Both

Author: Robjess

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In 1982, after the Royal Navy withdraws several of their patrol ships from around the Falkland islands. The Argentinian Government wanting their own back from being expelled in 1833 promptly seizes the islands without more then token resistance. For the Argentines their claim was based upon ancient papal declaration from 1493, For the British it was upon unbroken occupation and administration since 1833.

But above all there was prestige at stake here... British prestige.....

This battleset features two scenarios, the main Assault on Port Stanley scenario and the variant Argentines to the Rescue. Both scenarios represent the final assault by the UK Allied Forces into Stanley in the Falklands. Whilst each of the scenarios are based upon the historical events of the Falklands War - it should be noted that historically the Argentine forces surrended before the Allied forces made their final assault on Stanley - dont expect this to happen in these scenarios though.

The first scenario Assault on Port Stanley has been play balanced for play against two Human Players and is presented as a PBEM play only scenario. Note that no AI has been programmed for this scenario and therefore it can not be played against a computer opponent.

The Second scenario Agentines to The Rescue has been balanced for play by a Human Allied Player against an Argentine AI or weaker human player. In this variant Argentine forces are reinforced via the airfield earlier - and should therefore provide somewhat of a challange for the British player to not only secure Stanely and the Port but also the Airfield.

You have at your disposal the Royal Navy in the form of sanctioned ART units - use them wisely - they are very powerful and will be needed to assist you to drive the Argentines out of their strongholds in the hills and back to the sea. There is no question that the British forces will reach Stanley - the issue is when?

Time is against you.. you must secure Stanley and the Port as early as you can if you have any hope of winning. If you secure the Airfield then you have done well and you should be secured of a win. But whilst those are your main objectives you must also seek to secure the hills over looking Stanley in the first instance.

Historically the British forces secured all hills before advancing onto Stanley so as to ensure that their ART and spotters had a clear line of sight to the town. Whilst it is possible to take Stanley and the port without first securing the hill top objectives your generals will punish you (by way of missing out on crucial VPs) for not following their orders. Killing Argentine forces is not your main objective - whilst you will need to kill them - particularly when they have been dislodged from the rocky hills and make themselves available for assault in the clear - this will only be secondary to securing the objectives on the island.

You have several things on your side. The terrain, numbers and the British public.Use the terrain as best you can. You start entrenched in the rock hills overlooking the town and port of Stanley. Try and hold out in these hills for as long as you can - it is the best defensive terrain available and the longer you hold those outter objectives, the more VPs you will be withholding from the British player.

At the outset you will not be in any position to attack - although if the opportunity arises for an assault on a British unit that is both under strength and over extended - then sieze the opportunity. The British public expect a quick end to the war with minimal casualties. Infact for every British soldier that goes home in a body bag is extra pressure on the Thatcher Govt to end the hositilies and seek a peaceful solution. The Argentine player is awarded massive VPs for the destruction of Allied units due to this political pressure. Alternatively the Argentine propaganda machine will take great delight in displaying their own dead to the media of the world - so the British player will not receive many VPs for the destruction of Argentine forces.

Ultimately the Argentines will need to hold off the advance of the British troops and delay their advance onto Stanley until Argentine Reinforcements arrive via the Airfield. When these reinforcements arrive you will probably be defending close to Stanley - but you will now have numbers on your side. Whilst your troops are less superior to the well trained crack British troops - you will now outnumber them and may be able to inflict losses against them in assaults conducted British Units on clear terrain.


Download and run the falklands.exe and then follow the installation prompts. This should install all files and associated sub directories into a ..scenarios\Falklands folder under your main Korsun Pocket Folder.

Start Korsun Pocket up, Select the Assault on Port Stanley Battleset. Good luck, we value any feedback - especially in relation to discrepancies, bugs or play balance.


This scenario was created by Robjess. Special thanks goes to Fairfax, Graf Starhemberg, Pterrok and the other Run5 testers who assisting with development and testing.

Posted by robjess on March, 2004