Trouble In Bastogne

Version: 1.10 (January 2004)

Engine: Korsun Pocket

Turns: 16

AI or PBEM: Both

Author: Robjess

Download Trouble in Bastogne for KP


This is a 16 turn battle that represents the area in and around Bastogne during the Ardennes Offensive in World War II. This battleset is based upon, and pays homage to SSG's 'Bastogne' scenario from their C64/AppleII/Amiga/IBM game Battlefront - all those years ago!

Included in this battleset are 4 scenarios, Trouble in Bastogne, Winds of Change, Nut Cracker Suite and Bastogne or Bust.

- Trouble in Bastogne -

The main scenario in the battleset is Trouble in Bastogne. This scenario attempts to recreate the initial German advance onto the crucial cross roads town in the Ardennes. Historically the town ,including elements of the 101st Airbourne, were cut off and surrounded until German forces were withdrawn to other parts of the battle and then finally relieved by the Allied 4th ARM Division.

As the Germans advanced, allied forces in and around the the town itself were scant. With many forces being put together on an Ad hoc basis from retreating detachments and elements from elsewhere. These ad hoc units are represented on the initial turns by the allied "Team xx" and SNAFU units. In addition to this the Allies receive reinforcements from several towns in the middle of the map on the first few towns. Whilst this would normally seem out of the ordinary, it is quite appropriate in this scenario given the number of routed allied soldiers retreating and wandering the country side until they were able to link back up in key villiages.

In addition to this, the Allies had set up many road blocks at villiages, farms and cross roads in an attempt to slow the German Advance. Coupled with the amount of fog that settled on the battlefield for much of the day, this played a significant role in holding back the Germans - particularly early on.

Minor Allied strong points have therefore been added to all significant villages to reflect these roadblocks and the uncertaintly that faced many German units - particularly the recon units.

Major Allied strongpoints have been added to all allied reinforcement arrival hexes (except those which are also objectives) as a means of addressing map edge hex issues.

The first elements of the 101st will arrive in trucks which should guarentee their placement into Bastogne itself, the arrival of additional elements of the division will arrive on foot with the aid of trucks through extended movement. This is to reflect that at least some of the 101st will be in Bastogne for its defence if and when the Germans surround it.

Bastogne itself is divided in 3 objectives, Bastogne, North Bastogne and East Bastogne. Losing any one of these objectives to the Germans will make for an interesting outcome.. losing 2 or more will make it hard for the Allies to win. Bastogne is a supply source so the Allied units can happily sit there and defend if they get cut off - this is to reflect that historically the town was supplied by air drops.

- Winds of Change -

This scenario is the original build that I made of the game- although not as historically accurate. I have included it for a number of reasons; firstly I like it! Its quite different to the main scenario in that the battle is more fluid - its harder as the allies - there is no gaurentee that the 101st will ever make it to Bastogne, and there is a greater likelihood that the Germans will take the town - with the Allies being forced to fight for it back!

The context of this scenario is that the fog on the battleground lifted just as the Germans arrived - blown away by the winds of change. With the absence of the fog, all unit movement allowances have been increased, meaning its easier for the Germans to now surround Bastogne. In additional to this, the lack of fog means that visibility is greater and the Germans need not be as cautious.. thus the Allied roadblocks are not as effective and therefore reflected as mines and not strongpoints.

THis scenario is probably bias towards the Germans and therefore is recommended to be played by an Allied Human player against a German AI opponent.

- Bastogne or Bust -

This variant of the main Trouble in Bastogne scenario is geared towards providing advantages to the German side. The Germans receive additional assistance via way of elements of the 116 Panzer Division being diverted south to help secure the town - Hitler sees the significance of the town to maintaining Geman Supplies at the front and personally orders the diversion himself. In addition to this Hitler has order additional support from Air Units and offboard Artillery. Flanking manoveours off the map by German units also means that Allied reinforcements have been slightly delayed and will arrive battle damaged.

This variant is recommended to be played against a German AI or a weaker German PBEM opponent. Finding the other scenarios too easy to win as the Allies - then give this one a shot!

- Nut Cracker Suite -

In this variant of the main Trouble in Bastogne scenario, the Allies receive additional assistance in the form of additional air and off board support. The initial Allied reaction to the German assault through the ardennes is positive and they are somewhat better prepared. In this scenario they have a higher supply state.. whilst the Germans struggle due to local partisan and off map interdiction from Allied Aircraft. Allied reinforcements are directed to the town more urgently - meaning that the 4th ARM and other units may arrive a little earlier then they did historically. In addition, all is not going as well for the German army as many German units commence the scenario battle damaged and replacements are not as numerous due to significant losses elsewhere in the Ardennes.

This variant is recommended to be played againts an Allied AI or a weaker Allied PBEM Opponent. Finding the other scenarios too easy to win as the Germans - then give this one a shot!


I would like to thank SSG for making Korsun Pocket so much fun, and also for their continued support in not only this fine product but other products in the series. Roger Keating gets a special mention for help and support with the Scenario Editor.

Thanks also to all of the Run5 community who helped out - specicially on this scenario - it would not be the same without your constant feedback and suggestions; JSS, Brubaker, Ozie, Duncan, and anyone else I forgot to mention.

Some images were sourced from the web. I have not sought permission to use these so if anyone has any objection to any image being used please contact me via Run5 and they will be altered/removed.

Robert Gjessing (Robjess) January 2004.

This scenario/battleset may be circulated freely in its current form as long as it is not changed or amended. Additional scenarios or variations based upon this battleset are encouraged, so long as Rob Gjessing and Run5 are credited with the initital work.

If you do use this battleset for any variants/scenarios - please be sure to send us at Run5 a copy too so we can enjoy it!