Operation Wanda

Version: 1.01 (May 2004)

Engine: Korsun Pocket

Turns: 76


Author: Von Manstein

Download: Operation Wanda for Korsun Pocket


In this scenario we assume several things. First, what if on Von Manstein proceeds with his intention of creating his very own Pocket around the Red Army, that at this point was in the process of obliterating the reminisce of LXII & XI Armee Korp in and around Kurson. Even better,let us assume that for once,the Fuhrer begins to trust his Field Marshalls. Not the OKH,which he held in contept, but rather a new found respect for Von Mantien and his keen and savvy strategic abilities. After all, if Stalin could do it with Zhukov, couldn't Hitler have done it with Von Manstein?

The Fuhrer absolute resolve about retaking Kiev was at the very forefront of this operation. However, do so successfully, Von Manstein would require wide latitude from the OKH and more importantly, the Fuhrer. Hitler wished nothing more than to restore the front line as it existed in January of 1943. This meant the re-taking of Kiev.

The question stood, how could we accomplish such a task with the depleaded forces available? Shifting of divisions was essencial, but from where? The German Order of Battle at this point on it last leg with regards to offensive operation in the east. Operation Citadel the previous summer shifted the strategic advantage to the Red Army. But there was still hope for the Wehrmacht.

He viewed the holding the Kurson area vital for the survival of not only the two trapped Corps held up inside, but also for the only serviceable Air Strip in the area. He knew that if any attempt at retaking Kiev was to take place, that holding this airstrip was vital. On the shores of the great bend of the river Dnepr near the city of Nikapol, was the newly reconstituted 6 Armee under the command of Generaloberst Karl Hollidt. Von Mantien viewed that the holding of bridgehead at Nikapol useless, considering that it carried very little strategic importance other than for political value. He therefore, decided to shorten his lines and created a new defensive disposition. His new lines stretched from Kirovograd to Nikolayev at the great bend of the river Dnepr. Thus, releasing several unit for service elseware.

V. Manstein did they same with 4 Panzer Armee under the command of Generaloberst Erhard Raus. However, with the transfers from this section would be used to continue North East towards Kiev as a summer offensive. The plan was to basically encircle and destroy the very forces that had encircled his own men and then to continue to Kiev along the Dnepr. Thus cutting off the Red Army in Zitomer and giving Zhukov time to pause before he launched the obviously anticipated summer offensive.

Nevertheless, the Field Marshall was no fool. He knew that after all contact had been severed between 1 Panzer Armee and 8 Armee there was potential danger in this area. In fact, he knew of the potential of a southern thrust by the 2 Red Army Armee massed at Zvenigorodka and Shpola. There was nothing to stop the 5th Guards Tank Armee and the 6th Tank Armee from driving straight to the Black sea except postal units and a repair depot.

In a stroke of good fortune for the Armee Group, all surveillance units were showing indications anti ditches and wired defenses were in place being hastily prepared and of tanks being dug in. An arch stretched from Lysyanka in the west to Zvenigorodka on the south to Shpola in the east. These indications proved that there would not be a southern thrust. In fact, Zhukov was preparing for the storm that was about to befall them.


This scenario is presented to by Von Manstein and Run5.


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