Velikyie Luki

Version: 1.00 (February 2004) Korsun Pocket; 1.01 (August 2006) Battles in Italy

Engine: Korsun Pocket and Battles in Italy

Turns: 28 for Korsun Pocket and 32 for Battles in Italy


Author: Brubaker

Download: Velikyie Luki for Korsun Pocket
: Velikyie Luki for Battles in Italy


Velikiye Luki is a set of 4 scenarios depicting several portions of the battle that took place in this area in late Nov 1942 to early Feb 1943.

The main battle - the campaign - depicts the initial onslaught of the Soviet 3rd Shock Army and its subsequent bypassing of the town Velikiye Luki and the attempted capture of the railway line to the west. It is 28 turns in length.

Ride of the Valkyries is a 10 turn game that depicts the very western portion of the battle from Nov 22nd onward. Portions of the Soviet 2nd Mechanised Corps have an opportunity to capture the city of Novosokolniki and intercept the vital supply railway running through there. The German commander will lead the 8th Panzer Division to the rescue.

The Citadel is a 12 turn scenario that allows a Russian Commander to try and crush the city of Velikiye Luki with the batterred forces available to him. Can you crush the defence? As german can you hold on to win (a pyrhhic victory)?

Finally, Steel Inferno depicts a 2 week period during which the Germans attempted to rescue the beleagured defenders of the Velikiye Luki city. Group Woehler was an adhoc battle group comprised of units near enough to attempt the rescue in time. The scenario is a 28 turn (2 weeks) game that presents the German Commander with the best possible units available at the time. The Russian is wounded by not defeated, and the weather worsens by the day.

Although it would have been nice to depict the campaign from beginning to end in one scenario, this would involve representing a 3 month period which translates to some 90 turns! For the sake of sanity I chose to select the most important events.


Again I would like to thank the fine folks involved at the Run5 website, namely Rob Gjessing and Chris Merchant, for their work on that great site and hosting my files. .

Thanks Rob G and Roger Keating for your advice on all things editorial, and Rob particulalry for your hints on mapmaking.

Thanks SSG for producing such a great game to work with, and Matrix for getting it out there to you people.

All artwork was created using Photoshop 6.1

Images were sourced from the web. I have not sought permission to use these so if anyone has any objection to any image being used please contact me at and they will be altered/removed.

Have fun!
Scott Wilson (Brubaker) February 2004