(On to Antwerp! Race to the Meuse and Pth Pz Armee - St Vith)

Version: 1.01 (April 2006)

Engine: Battles in Italy

Turns: 32

AI or PBEM: Both

Author: JSS

Download TAO5


This battleset is Run5’s presentation of the SSG classic Decisive Battles of WW II game: The Ardennes Offensive in its 5th game engine (thus TAO5) . Included are a 32 turn campaign On to Antwerp, a 16 turn 6th Pz Armee scenario (based on SSG’s original St. Vith scenario), and a port to BII of the Run5 TAO3 scenario Race to the Meuse.

This version of TAO treats Heavy Forest as mountainous terrain. The road networks are exceedingly important. Bastogne is truly a critical crossroads location.

A historical outcome will typically result in a draw. Axis making the Meuse will likely be a big Axis win… get stopped before LaRoche & Manhay and its overwhelming Allied victory.

Full AI is included for the 32 turn campaign.

A strong Axis push in the South (alerting US units) will likely bring some new US help into the game…


Download the self extrating EXE from the link above. Double click on the TAO5-.exe and then follow the installation prompts. This should install all files and associated sub directories into a ..scenarios\Tao5 folder under your main Battles in Italy Folder.

Start Battles in Italy up, Select the TAO5 Battleset and then you should see the On to Antwerp! Race to the Meuse and the 6th Pz Armee (St Vith) scenarios. Good luck, we value any feedback - especially in relation to discrepancies, bugs or play balance.