Run5 Operation Shingle Variant

Version: 1.00 (October 2005)

Engine: Battles in Italy

Turns: 26


Author: JSS

Download Run5 Operation Shingle Variant


This scenario is an ironed version of the official SSG Operation Shingle for Battles in Italy. It is designed to provide a common version for PBEM… as well as, a version without the data entry errors for those who don’t care to mess around in the editor. A few changes are also made to provide an alternative scenario experience.

The changes in this scenario are (big changes in bold):

- fixes 1st Brit recon not arriving
- fixes strength of 179 Reg/45th Div
- tweaks strength of 509th Parachute Inf Battalion
- tweaks a couple of German Regiments (made each have same number of steps as their sister regiments in same division)
- numerous unit names changed from English to unit’s language spelling (see below)
- German Panzer and Panzer Grenadier units start with slightly less Ops in the OP reserve (about a 20-25% decrease on average). Note that biggest change here is that 3d Panzer Grenadier Division starts with only 50% of its max OP reserve (down from 100%).
- Allied Infantry units are now a little more durable. American infantry units now get approximately 1 timed replacement per step (this includes Combat Commands of 1st Armored Division). Most British and French infantry units each received an additional timed replacement.
- Alert points now available to bring in US, French, and German alert units. Not likely to happen but these are included. Several cities were made VP locations to provide VPs in addition to providing the alert points.
- Deactivated German units become active on turn 3 (instead of turn 2).

The following suggestions from Lysimachus (taken the Matrix board) and are implemented (to the extent unit name spaces in the editor permitted).

"If you want to update Operation Shingle, here are a couple of things to change:

- Name of French divisions:
1ère Division d'Infanterie Motorisée (or renamed from the 1ère Division Française Libre). 2ème Division d’Infanterie Marocaine
3ème Division d’Infanterie Algérienne
4ème Division Marocaine de Montagne

- Name of Polish divisions:
If you name the units in their own language, then the same applies for the Polish unit:
3rd Carpathian Rifle Division - 3.DSK - 3. Dywizja Strzelców Karpackich

- Name of the German infantry divisions:
Infantry should be replaced by Infanterie.
Assault gun: Stug Abteilung (for the scale of the game)

- New units:
According to General Alexander's dispatch to the War Office and a book published by the Archives of the French Army, on the 22nd of January, the 3ème Groupe de Tabors Marocains and the 4ème Groupe de Tabors Marocains were on the Front line (not the 1er and the 3ème as created in the game). The 1er Groupe de Tabors Marocains arrived in April 1944.
So Groupe de Goums should be renamed Groupe de Tabors and the 1er should be replaced by the 4ème.
One groupe de Tabors consists of 3 Tabors (sort of regiment). One Tabor is composed of 3 Goums (sort of Battalion).

- 162 Turkestan Infanterie Division:
This unit was in the north of Italy from January to March. It was only released in April 1944. It was formed of :
Gren.Reg.303 (from the Turkestanische Legion)
Gren.Reg.314 (from the Azerbajdzanische Legion)
Gren.Reg.329 (from the the Armenische Legion, Georgische Legion and Nordkaukasische Legion)"


Download and run the installation setup file, this should install all files and associated sub directories into a ..scenarios/Run5 Operation Shingle Variant folder under your main Battles in Italy Folder. Start Battles in Italy up, and you should see the scenario listed under the Italy Battleset.