Patton's Husky

Version: 2.00 (August 2005)

Engine: Battles in Italy

Turns: 30


Author: Pete_au

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Designed by Pete_au based upon the SSG Operation Husky Scenario from Battles in Italy.

In early 1943 Patton's time was done in Northern Africa because he had secured that front and the Allies had taken control of Northern Africa.

Patton now was ready to turn his attention towards Sicily. Patton planned out his invasion of Sicily, but Field Marshall Sir Bernard Montgomery changed the idea from where Patton wanted to invade. Patton's plan would have him invading at Palermo, and Montgomery would enter at Syracuse. Montgomery felt that if Patton invaded at Palermo, he would be subject to a weak German front and arrive at Messina before Montgomery. In Montgomery's opinion he needed Patton and Bradley for support to help him reach Messina, since the English Army, in his opinion, should lead the Americans into Italy. Montgomery went to General Sir Harold Alexander to make sure that his 15th English army had the right to Messina rather than Patton's Seventh Army. There was nothing Patton could do, he had to sit back and watch the person he despised the most [Montgomery] receive the glory he wanted.

This variant scenario allows for the Allied player to explore what might have transpired had Patton gotten his way and been able to invade at Palermo.


-American units invade around Palermo.
-Palermo is the only source of supply for the Americans
-Airborne units land near Palermo
-All British naval units support only the British operation at the start.
-VP’s for Palermo adjusted for balance.


Download the self extracting EXE from the Run5 Scenario area. Double click on the Patton_husky.exe and and the installer should properly identify your Battles in Italy folder and correctly install the scenario into the ...battles in Italy\scenarios\Battles in Italy\Pattons Husky folder.

Start Battle in Italy up and you should see the Patton's Husky scenario under the Battles in Italy listing.

Version 2.00