Patton - Master of Battle

1.01 (April 2005) for Battles in Normandy
1.11 (March 2006) for Italy

Engine: Battles in Normandy and Italy

Turns: 42


Author: JSS

Download: Patton - Master of Battle for BiN
Download: Patton - Master of Battle for Italy


Summer 1945: This is an ahistorical, what if-scenario where GEN Patton orders one of his corps commanders to occupy Karlsbad and Pilsen (to make these fine beer producing regions available to the free world of course). The battle starts with the Soviet response to this land grab. Zhukov wants to formally introduce Patton to Russian Artillery and Uncle Joe looks to give him a good lesson in international diplomacy in the process…

Design notes:

Here are the design notes for the Patton scenario; these will give you some insight into the scenario and some tips for playing it.

1. Whilst this scenario is designed for PBEM; the AI will give you a good game and allow you to develop stategies.

2. The scenario is large… Three Soviet armies facing off against the US THIRD Army and an early Bundeswehr Panzer Armee. Typically the Russian player is attacking for the first half of the battle and the US player is attacking for the last half of the battle.

3. The battle features dedicated night turns. Its often better to rest formations during the night… a couple of night movements in a row will result in units that are exhausted.

4. The battle features very experienced troops for both sides. No green or substandard units involved… supply & maneuver… attack & defend… how well you plan and execute make all the difference here! Be aware that airborne troops can (and will) land in your support areas…

5. There are several main terrain features to this battle:

Clear – nothing to hide behind here. A successful attack will result in the defender retreating. It also provides excellent mobility to mechanized forces. A unit that becomes surrounded has no chance of escape (99.9% of the time).

Mountains – Divide the battle into gaps and valleys. Multiple attack zones run East to West. Control of mountain terrain is difficult to take once your opponent is set up in them.

Major Rivers – Leg and Motorized Leg units can cross anywhere… mechanized units and supply cannot. Control of bridges and proper use of pontoon assets are critical concerns if you are to maintain the offensive.

Forest - Has a effect on movement similar to mountains, but these areas can be controlled by either side... It is an area especially useful for maintaining defensive lines… use it well or you face losing it!

Scenario Settings:

Turn length: 8 hours
- US Refit: 300%
- German Refit: 200%
- Russian Refit: 250%
- US units dug in: -1/50% To prevent overruns require: 3 Steps
- German units dug in: -2/70% To prevent overruns require: 3 Steps
- Russian units dug in: -1/60% To prevent overruns require: 4 Steps
- US interdiction values:
Artillery: 3 OP’s (target hex and one hex radius)
Air: 4 OP’s Good Air; 3 OP’s Bad Air
Partisan: 4 OP’s
Detachment: 7 OP’s (for 2 turns)
- German interdiction values:
Artillery: 2 OP’s (target hex only)
Air: 4 OP’s Good Air; 3 OP’s Bad Air
Partisan: 4 OP’s
Detachment: 7 OP’s (for 2 turns)
- Russian interdiction values:
Artillery: 5 OP’s (target hex only)
Air: 4 OP’s Good Air; 2 OP’s Bad Air
Spetznaz(Partisan): 4 OP’s
Detachment: 7 OP’s (for 2 turns)
- Units on both sides have equal exposure distances for all unit types.
- Russian units are exposed from farther away than the Allies.
- 60 Alert points for all US alert units to enter game.
- 30 Alert points for all German alert units to enter game.
- 50 Alert points for all Russian alert units to enter game.
- All three countries alert by division.


Download the ~ 30 meg self extracting EXE from the Run5 Scenario area. Double click on the Patton.exe to install. This should install all files and associated sub directories into a ...scenarios/patton folder under your main Battles in Normandy folder.

Start Battles in Normandy up and you should see the Patton Battle under the Battles in Normandy and Ardennes Offensive battles.


This scenario/battle may be downloaded for FREE from the Run5 Scenario area.

This scenario/battle may be circulated freely in its current form as long as it is not changed or amended. Additional scenarios or variations based upon this battle are encouraged, so long as Rob Gjessing/JSS/Run5 are credited with the
initial work. If you do use this battle for any variants/scenarios - please be sure to send Run5 a copy also - so we can play it too :)

Good luck, I value any feedback - especially in relation to discrepancies, design flaws, or play balance.

Posted by JSS Apr 2, 2005 8:15 AM.