Overlord - On To Paris

Version: 2.03 (March 2006)

Engine: Battles in Normandy

Turns: 76


Author: JSS

Download: Overlord - On to Paris for Battles in Normandy

6 Jun – 20 Aug 1944: This scenario is a 76 turn mega campaign for SSG’s Battles in Normandy. It covers the D-Day Invasion thru closing the Falaise Gap.

Design notes:

1. The base design is from the 32 turn Overlord campaign scenario, but its more than a 44 turn extension. There are several significant changes:

- You’ll find the Bloody Omaha landing beach to be much more difficult to gain control of initially.
- The German 319th Infantry Division starts the scenario in its historical location (Channel Islands). It will arrive later as an alert reinforcement.
- Cherbourg supply does not close down until the Allied side takes the supply dump hex.
- Most of Seventh Armee does not immediately head to the invasion site (two turns of surprised status).
- US & British units have a limited supply of regular replacements (significantly less than Overlord).
- Opportunities for two British offensives and an American attack(Operations Goodwood, Epsom, and Cobra) are supported by carpet bombing runs.
- Numerous cities are now VP locations.
- SS Pz Div HJ is not fully assembled on 6 Jun 44. 26 SS PzGd Reg arrives on 7 Jun 44 and all units are waiting for elements and supply to arrive.

Other features (compared to the Overlord scenario) include:

- German Flak units more effective (range = 2 hexes).
- Third Army is activated at turn 50.
- 125 Pz Gd Reg is upgraded to KG von Luck and has the Becker Assault Gun Bn 200 attached.
- German 352 ID regiments have 4 steps.
- Additional step size and auto timed replacements made available to many Pz Div units.
- 82d & 101st Airborne Divs have additional auto replacements.
- Bocage costs more for the Allies to enter.
- American supply level decreased to replicate American difficulty maneuvering tanks thru bocage prior to 22 Jul when the hedge-chopper was developed.
- British supply level & replacement availability decreased to replicate the relative caution used by British.
- Something happens around 20 Jul 44 (confusion introduced into German rear areas), effect continues thru 23 Jul 1944.
- British Commandos have larger area of influence/landings.
- US 90 ID leadership was not up to task on D-Day historically. After GEN van Fleet took charge, the unit performed very well. The division's units evolve to higher performance capability around 26 Jun 44.
- Luftwaffe influence lessened/removed (interdiction & combat shift).
- Coast towns are no longer beachhead terrain.

Key Settings:

- Turn length: 24 hours
- US/British Refit: 300%
- German Refit: 200%
- German units dug in to prevent overruns require: 4 Steps
- Allied units dug in to prevent overruns require: 5 Steps
- German interdiction values:
Artillery: 2 OP’s
Air: 4 OP’s Good Air; 3 OP’s Bad Air
Partisan: N/A
Detachment: 7 OP’s (for 1 turn)
- Allied interdiction values:
Artillery: 3 OP’s
Air: 6 OP’s Good Air; 4 OP’s Bad Air
Partisan: 4 OP’s
Detachment: 7 OP’s (for 1 turn)
- Units on both sides have equal exposure for all unit types.
- Support, artillery, and combat units become exposed at the same distances.
- Good air increases exposure; bad air decreases exposure of German units.
- Germans gain no information on Allied unit location via air (Allied exposure is same for good and bad air conditions).

Other notes:

- AI is included but it is only designed for the first 30+ turns. Performance after that may not be optimal.

- Numerous equipment, spelling, and other technical details noted by players on the Matrix & SSG forums are not included. Please post specifics on the Run5 boards; these will be included in a v2.01 update if there's interest.

- Allied arrival information is completely hidden from the Axis player.

- Axis arrival information is limited to locations where heavy traffic moves along the roads (i.e. all Panzers Division arrivals will be known by the Allied player). Lightly traveled routes will not be visible to the Allied player.


Download the scenario file, run the setup installer and follow the prompts, the scenario will then install to ...\Battles in Normandy\scenarios\Battles in Normandy\Paris\

Start Battles in Normandy up and you should see the Paris scenario under the Battles in Normandy battle folder.


This scenario may be circulated freely in its current form as long as it is not changed or amended. If you do use this scenario to create another variant scenario - please be sure to send Run5 a copy also - so we can play it too :)

Good luck, I value any feedback - especially in relation to discrepancies, design flaws, or play balance.