On To Rome

Version: 1.05 (February 2006)

Engine: Battles in Italy

Turns: 80


Author: JSS

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This scenario is a mega-campaign for Battles in Italy. It is designed to provide a historical perspective of the challenges facing both sides. The campaign begins with the Operation Husky starting situation and continues to 27 Sep 1943 (80 turns). This goes thru most of the Operation Avalanche scenario timeframe.

=> Aside from the Opn Husky invasion forces and initial Sicily defense positions, both sides are reasonably free to conduct the campaign within the scenario limits.

=> AI opponent is included. It has not been fully tested yet. Thru turn 5 it appears to be working properly. Recommend playing verus German AI.

=> Key features of the campaign:

1. XXX (Br) Corps (HQs, 50 ID, & 51 ID) cannot invade the Italian mainland due to Overlord requirements. Same goes for II (US) Corps (HQs, 2 AD, 1 ID, & 9 ID) and a number of naval units. These units (along with Patton’s Seventh Army HQs) remain at Sicily… they remain available for island defense and any necessary mopping up operations.

2. Numerous landing options are available to the Allied player after the initial Husky forces land. This includes both around the island and onto the mainland. Palermo is critical for American follow on amphibious operations. Messina is
important (but not invasion stopping) for the BC. Invasion of the mainland can take place very early but is likely to end in disaster. All plains/towns along the Italian mainland can be invasion landing sites.

3. Mainland defenders are in reserve until turn 36. Earliest time for full scale invasion is probably turn 35.

4. Active Axis units can freely move back and forth thru Messina starting turn 4. Initially two fallshirmjager regiments, XIV Pz Korps HQs, 16 Pz Div, and a Flak brigade are available to reinforce the Sicily island defense.

5. Attacking near Rome is likely to bring the II SS Pz Korps into action.

6. Invasion planning must be done in advance by the Allied player. Forces must be placed in Palermo, Messina, Catania, Syracuse, or the Tunisia/Malta ports on the turn prior to amphibious transports being available. Transports become available to the US forces on turn 25 and the BC on turn 27. Around turn 34 the sealift assets are concentrated and a large invasion force can be assembled (may take several turns of placing units in amphibious mode awaiting the invasion order).

7. While any plains hex can serve as an invasion site, there are a limited number of supply sources on the Italian mainland.

a. These supply sources can be used by the Allies from turn 25 on. The limited availability of these supply sources is one of two limiting features to the campaign…

b. The other limiting feature is the fact that there are only six supply units available to move to the Italian mainland (Fifth US Army HQs, US Provisional Corps, VI US Corps, Eighth BR Army HQs, XIII BR Corps, and X BR Corps). Half of these are subject to being lost during the Sicilian Campaign…if they are destroyed, they are not replaced!

8. There are a limited number of full replacements available to each side. Allied units have a significantly larger number of timed (auto-repair) replacements available than German units.

9. Around 1 September 1943 Italian supply drops off severely (approximate timing of historical Italian surrender).

V1.01 changes:

- Sicilian defenders are less mobile initially (less OP reserve for German units),
- 1 FJ Div is moved to East Coast and not available on turn 1.
- 2 FJ Div has less OP reserve when landed.
- Axis units spend first three turns surprised (unless Allies get too close).
- Slight increase to Allied invaders’ reserve OP stockpile.
- Naval movement fixed (a number of units could become stranded in v1.00).
- US now can invade mainland West Coast directly from Palermo (had to launch from other locations before.
- All Allied AAA units with defense values greater than 2 can now entrench.
- A stretch of road added from (97,67) to (99,66).
- 1st Armored Division external transportation modes corrected.
- Br XXX Corps is no longer able to invade mainland.
- 1/509 PIB (82d Abn Div) can now move by sea to mainland with rest of 82d Abn Div.
- Three town name corrections made, one VP location added.
- Bridges on Italian mainland can now be blown up and repaired.
- Misspelled city names corrected.

Please post any observations of unit errors or suggestions to improve play balance to the Run5 forums.


Download and run the installation setup file, this should install all files and associated sub directories into a ..scenarios\Battles in Italy\On to Rome folder under your main Battles in Italy Folder. Start Battles in Italy up, and you should see the scenario listed under the Italy Battleset.