MacArthur - Master of Battle

Battle in Normandy 1.00 (April 2005)
Battles in Italy 1.10 (August 2005)

Turns: 32


Author: JSS

Download: MacArthur - Master of Battle for BiN
Download: MacArthur - Master of Battle for Italy


Historical setting:

Spring 1945: This scenario is a 32 turn campaign for SSG’s Battles in Normandy. It covers a hypothetical island invasion by the Amphibious Eighth US Army as an island hopping step in preparation for the invasion of the main
Japanese Islands.

Design notes:

1. Overview: Two US Corps (4 Infantry Divisions, 2 Marine Corps Divisions, and an Airborne Division with 2 alert Infantry Divisions) invade an island held by 2 Japanese Infantry Divisions reinforced by 8 separate infantry regiments. US Army Air Force maintains near total air supremacy throughout the battle from off
map air bases.

2. Key Objectives:

There are three main objectives:

- #1) an airfield capable of launching heavy bombers against main Japanese Islands.

- #2&#3) two mountains which dominate the island… control of these are necessary to use the airfield.

3. Invasion Beaches: There are 10 possible landing sites.

- The five closest beaches are capable of receiving supply on turn 2 (supply dump activates). They are also far from the airfield and the Northern mountain.

- The five beaches closest to the airfield have limited supply capability. Two have supply dumps that activate on turn 6!... the other three cannot receive supply at all (no supply dumps will activate). Four of the five cannot be
reached in one turn from the main US amphibious arrival hexes.

- The seven landing sites that can activate a supply dump are all heavily defended by the Japanese. The three without supply are lightly defended.

2. Terrain:

- Most of the island is covered by jungle.
- A coastal road connects all areas of the island.
- There are no improved paths to the mountain tops.
- Beach terrain is very exposed and units fighting there will take a lot of casualties.
- The two significant mountains roughly divide the island into Eastern and Western halves.

3. Key Settings:

- Turn length: 12 hours
- US Refit Bonus: 200%
- Japanese Refit Bonus: 150%
- US units dug in to prevent overruns require: 3 Steps
- Japanese units dug in to prevent overruns require: 3 Steps
- US interdiction values:
Artillery: 2 OP’s (target hex and 1 hex radius)
Air: 4 OP’s Good Air; 3 OP’s Bad Air (10% chance of assets showing up)
Detachment: 7 OP’s (for 2 turns)
- Japanese interdiction values:
Artillery: 2 OP’s in target hex only
Air: 4 OP’s Good Air (30% chance); 2 OP’s Bad Air (10% chance)
Partisan (fanatical by-passes troops): 4 OP’s
Detachment: 7 OP’s (for 2 turns)
- Units exposure at the same distances for all unit types.
- Good air increases exposure; bad air decreases exposure of Japanese units.
- Americans unit presence can be seen for long distances in good weather due to observation from the mountaintops.
- 20 unit alert points required to alert all US alert units.
- 15 unit alert points required to alert all Japanese alert units.

4. Other notes:

- AI is included but it is only designed for familiarization (it will not challenge an experienced player).

- Arrival hex information is hidden from both players.

- Japanese unit data is not historical, nor is the island intended to represent an actual battle.

- Several US infantry divisions include their 1942 roundout regiment (NG).


Download the scenario file from the Run5 Scenario area. Double click on the MacArthur-Bin.exe file and follow the automated installer.

Start Battles in Normandy up and you should see the Pacific Island scenario in the MacArthur battle folder.


This scenario/battle may be downloaded for FREE from the Run5 Scenario area.

This scenario may be circulated freely in its current form as long as it is not changed or amended. If you do use this scenario to create another variant scenario - please be sure to send Run5 a copy also - so we can play it too :)

Good luck, I value any feedback - especially in relation to discrepancies, design flaws, or play balance.