Version: 1.00 (April 2005)

Engine: Battles in Normandy

Turns: 36


Author: Robjess

Download: Luzon for BiN


This current release features 3 scenarios based around the Japanese invasion of Luzon in 1941.

[Luzon 41 - Rainbow 5]

This is the historical scenario of the Japanese invasion of Luzon in the Philippines. In accordance with US Warplan Rainbow 5 (based upon Warplan Orange 5), in th event of an Japanese invasion of Luzon - allied forces were to conduct a fighting withdrawal to the capital of Manila. If Manila came under threat then they were to retreat to the Bataan Peninsula whilst a withdrawl of the island was organised.

Warplan Rainbow 5 did not allow for any reinforcements from mainland USA. Even if it did - it probably wouldnt have been possible. Days before the invasion - the Japanse conducted a premptive strike on the USA pacific fleet in Pearl Harbour. Without their navy there was little hope of reinforcing Luzon by sea.

The Japanese invasion of Luzon was supported by bombing runs which effectively destroyed the US Eastern Air Force on the groun. US/Philippine Army forces were poorly trained (rainbow 5 dictated that there was no need to train the PA as they had no intention of standing and fighting) and really offered little resistance - until they defended in Bataan.

As the US player the odds are against you - you cant evict the Japanese forces - the best you can do is hold onto key objectives as long as you can - dont allow your forces to be split down the middle - keep one front - even if this means giving up Manila.

As the Japanese player use your high rated units to keep the pressure on the Allies. Your units with replace losses quickly so attack attack attack! The quicker you secure key objectives the greater chance you have of winning.

[Luzon 41 - Free Landing Variant]

This scenario is the same as the Historical Rainbow5 scenario - except in this scenario the Japanese player has greater freedom over choosing where they can land their amphibious units.

[Luzon 41 - MacArthurs Plan]

General MacArthur did not agree with Warplans Orange 5 or Rainbow 5 in that if invaded the US should give up Luzon. Rather he thought that Luzon should be fought for. He wanted to invest more in training the PA in the event of an invasion (which he knew from Japanese agression would come) so that his forces would be better prepared to make a stand and fight. In this scenario variant - what if - Gen. MacArthur gets his wish. In the months leading up to the Japanese Invasion the PA army have been properly trained and all units are fully equipped. After Pearl Harbour, the US Carrier Force has been redicted to Luzon to provide Air cover - Japanese Air attacks on Luzon have therefore not been as successful and they therefore do not have Air superiority - infact the air war is evenly matched - meaning that the US Eastern Air Force now has a role to play in this battle.

With a more prepared force the stakes are higher for the Allies though and they must do more to pull a win out of the bag. Bataan is no longer their main objective - Manila and the Airfields are critical to holding the Island.

[Future Scenarios]

This map and battleset is just waiting for someone to create the US invasion of Luzon towards the end of the war - everything for a savy scenario designer is here - the map is done, the unit counters are there - it just needs someone to do it :) I may get around to it one day - thats if you dont do it before me. If you do want to do it - then drop me an email and I will be happy to guide you along and give you any support you may need.

Download the scenario archive from the Download link above. . Double click on the Luzon.exe and the installer should properly identify your Battles in Normandy folder and correctly install the scenario into the ...battles in normandy\scenarios\luzon folder.

This scenario was created by Robjess. Special thanks goes to those Run5ers involved in testing and feedback. This scenario is intended for PBEM play only at this stage.

Posted by robjess on April 2005

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