The Liberation Campaign

Version: 4.5G (December 2005)

Engine: Battles in Normandy

Turns: 76



Download: Liberation Campaign for Battles in Normandy

Overlord: Liberation Campaign - a revised version of the Overlord - Onto Paris! Scenario for SSG's Battles in Normandy - which was originally brought to you by Run5

Historical setting:

6 Jun – 20 Aug 1944: This scenario is a 76 turn mega campaign for SSG’s Battles in Normandy. It covers the D-Day Invasion thru closing the Falaise Gap.

Design notes:

1) Numerous changes were made to the force pools of all teams.

2) The Axis lose much of thier transport assets.

3) Added German Forts at the Carpiquet Airfield.

4) Released German 7th Army on turn 3. Changed the german reation range to 4 hexes. And moved 243f closer to Utah.

5) Removed much of the German static AA. Added static AA at Crevecoeur and Ecajeul on the east edge of the map.

6) Most German Ost battallions start with less reserve OP's.

7) Attacks across major rivers are no longer allowed. Major rivers have been changed into minor rivers in many places, and at all bridges.

8) Hell on Wheels (U.S. 2nd armor div) now must appear on omaha beach.

9) Changed the Airhead supply range to 15 sp's from 20.

10) Taking Cherbourg in a timly manner is now more important.

11) Removed the von Staufenberg effect.

12) Allies alert at Vaubodon will release 16th division, making 319th division wait longer (untill 25pts)

13) *** Allied Para divisions WITHDRAW on turn 40!!

14) Germans no longer recieve high alert pionts for losing Western Cean.

15) Cut all foot units that had 10 basic sp to now have only 8 sp. This effects all allied para and the German 352 inf.

16) reduced the effectivness of partisans.

17) Reduced allied replacement rates.

18) Changed the barrage points available for all teams.

19) reduced the extra timed rienforcemants to the U.S. para regiments. also reduced para regiments AF by 1 point.

20) Reduced the German AP range to 4 hexes.

21) Reduced the German entrench rate to -1 shift.

22) Added 2 points to trace OP's, max and reduced burst ranges and burst values for all german supply units.

23) Lowered the variability for all unknown units.

24) Changed U.S. 2nd and 3rd armor divisions to combat command deployment. Modified all U.S. armor units.

25) Changed all +2 Defencive arty to +1 Defencive arty for all teams. Reduced all but the first british +3 Arty to +2 arty.

26) Reduced Western Allies Arty bonus on turn 50 to +3.

27) Germans get arty bonuses on turns 24, 25 and 63.

28) Increased the SP cost for swamp points. Made it legal terrain for mot. inf..

29) Increased the odds needed to overrun strongpoints.

30) Changed the sea lanes.

31) Changed Bocage combat shift to -1.

32) Modified all the the combat tables.

My main aim has been to try to get the play balance to work well for e-mail games. I've spent a lot of time working on this I hope you enjoy it.


Download the scenario file, run the setup installer and follow the prompts, the scenario will then install to ...\Battles in Normandy\scenarios\Battles in Normandy\Liberation Campaign\

Start Battles in Normandy up and you should see the Liberation Campaign scenario under the Battles in Normandy battle folder.


This scenario may be circulated freely in its current form as long as it is not changed or amended. If you do use this scenario to create another variant scenario - please be sure to send Run5 a copy also - so we can play it too :)

Good luck, I value any feedback - especially in relation to discrepancies, design flaws, or play balance.