Island Campaign


1.02 (April 2006) for Battles in Italy

Tutorial (March 2007) for BF

Turns: 50 for BII

                5 for BF tutorial

AI or PBEM: PBEM or Limited AI (BII)

Author: JSS

Download Island Campaign for BII

Download  Battlefront Tutorial for BF

A little bit different battle here… no historical countries at war.

Republic of Blueland (AXIS Side) can’t seem to get along with its neighbor (United Islands of Redland… Allied Side). Axis Intelligence determined Redland was preparing to grab the strategic offshore oil fields controlled by the neutral group of islands separating the two powers… so Blueland launches a preemptive strike!

Neutral Islands trusts neither and simply wishes to keep its independence (fights against both sides). Each side gets 50% of the Neutral Islands and equal forces to fight off the other player’s advances. Neutral Islands forces are not intended to fight one another (this can only happen if a blown bridge is repaired.

BII Version Design notes:

Here are the design notes for the Islands battleset; these will give you some insight into the scenario and some tips for playing it.

1. This scenario is designed for PBEM… AI capability is in place… Axis AI order is included. The Allied AI order is to be published (TBP).

2. A 50 turn full campaign and a 21 turn starter campaign are included.

3. Either side will surrender if key cities are lost (two regional capitals and national capital).

4. Allied side is better situated for invading… Axis side is better situated for defending.

Version 1.01 Notes (16 Feb 06)

This update fixes a map display problem. It should also fix a problem where
secure pbem games could not be continued due to scn file dates.

BII:  Download the scenario archive from the Download link above. . Double click on the Island.exe and the installer should properly identify your Battles in Italy folder and correctly install the scenario into the ...battles in Italy\scenarios\Island Campaign folder.

BF Tutorial:  

1.    Download the ~12 meg self-extracting EXE from the Run5 link above.   Double click on the tutorial.exe and the installer  will target the install to C:\Matrix Games\Battlefront\scenarios\Island Campaign\   

2.    Start up Battlefront and you should see the Island Campaign Battle in the main battle selection window.  Select the tutorial scenario as the main campaign is not playable at this time.


This scenario/battle may be downloaded for FREE from the Run5 Scenario area.

This scenario/battle may be circulated freely in its current form as long as it is not changed or amended. Additional scenarios or variations based upon this battle are encouraged, so long as Rob Gjessing/JSS/Run5 are credited with the initial work. If you do use this battle for any variants/scenarios - please be sure to send Run5 a copy also - so we can play it too :)

Good luck, I value any feedback - especially in relation to discrepancies, design flaws, or play balance.