Operation Husky

Version: 2.00 (August 2004)

Engine: Korsun Pocket

Turns: 8-39


Author: Robjess

Download: Operation Husky for KP


In the early part of 1943, following the realisation that the invasion of France would be impossible that year, it was decided to use the troops from the recently won North African Campaign to invade the Italian island of Sicily. The strategic goals were to remove the island as a base for Axis shipping and aircraft allowing free passage to Allied ships in the Mediterranean Sea and to put pressure on Italy eventually knock them out of the war.

The code name for the Operation was 'Operation Husky'

The following scenarios have been included in this Version 2 release:

Assault on Gela - is an 8 turn scenario examining the US beach landings and the German Counter attack.

Soon after the US made their way off the beaches of Gela the German and Italian forces conducted a major counter offensive. Their mission - to foces the US forces back into the sea. They almost succeeded - Getting to within 1000 yards of the beachhead, were it not for Allied Naval support the landings at Gela could have been a disaster for the US forces.

Road to Palermo - is a 20 turn scenario based upon Patton's push west to the islands capital.

With Patton off his short leash - he has the freedom to conquer the western part of the island and then race Mony for Messina. But first - Objective number one is the Capital of Sicily - Palermo.

Battle for Primasole - is a 12 turn scenario based upon the British advance and Para drop to secure the bridges in Primasole.

In an effort to secure bridges a head of the main British attack force, British Paratroopers drop behind lines to capture the town and bridges of Primasole. Little do they know they have dropped on top of their Axis equals - German Paratroopers. The fight is on! Can the Paratroopers (out numbered) hold on until Monty arrives? Or better still can they capture and secure the town of Primasole.

The Hills of Troina - is a 12 turn scenario fighting within the hills to the west of Mount Etna.

Settled in the hills of Sicily, just to the west of Mount Enta is the village of Troina. This village saw some of the heaviest and most brutal fighting of the campaign. This scenario reflects that battle.

Operaton Husky Campaign - Version 2 of this release sees the introduction of the full Operation Husky Campaign. This campaign is provided as PBEM only as no AI has been included for it in this release. Those with time of their hand are more then welcome to write an AI for it. If you do - then ensure you send it to me so that I may include it in future releases (with due credit to yourself).


Download and run the setup installation file, this should install all files and associated sub directories into a ..scenarios\Sicily folder under your main Korsun Pocket Folder.

Load up Korsun Pocket and you should see Operation Husky presented as a new battleset.


This scenario was created by Robjess. Special thanks goes to Brubaker for AI design, feedback and adjustments throughout. Thanks for testing by the Run5 testers and in particular Graf Starhemberg and Manny who have been testing this beast from the very start.