Fall Weiss

Version: 2.00 (April 2006)

Engine: Battles in Italy

Turns: 15


Author: Pete_au

Download Fall Weiss


Time Scale: 3 day turns
Map Scale: 16 miles per hex
Main Unit Scale: Divisions

Best display. The map has a distinctly retro design. The best view can be obtained by playing with hexes on to get that ‘board game’ feel. Cown the track, a BiX style map may be created.


Hitler’s bloodless conquests came to an end on September 1, 1939 when Poland refused his demands and became the FIRST TO FIGHT.

Fall Weiss is a re-creation of the German blitzkrieg invasion of Poland in September 1939. All important historical aspects of the campaign are covered, including.

• Polish navy can be eliminated by ground forces
• Polish setup along the border
• Historical commanders in OOB
• Polish AT capability
• Polish govt. evacuation to Hungry/ Rumania
• Polish unit evacuation to Hungry/Rumania
• Soviet intervention
• Border units on both sides


• The soviets did not intervene until after the fall of Warsaw – I have made this the trigger for their release.

• German units ONLY can gain from Corps integrity. I have done this to illustrate the superior blitz tactics of the German forces as opposed to the outdated border defense tactics of the Poles.

• Polish units have no supply trucks and can draw supply from all major cities to illustrate the benefits of home defense in a short campaign.

• Polish units use HQ units to provide combat shifts. This represents the political situation. The polish government wanted to hold out until allied intervention (which never came). HQ units provide a big defensive shift, but the HQ units can not move far from the border before being (probably) overrun.

• The Historical result was a decisive victory.


Download the self extracting EXE from the Run5 Scenario area. Double click on the FallWeiss.exe and and the installer should properly identify your Battles in Italy folder and correctly install the scenario into the ...battles in Italy\scenarios\Fall Weiss folder.

Start Battle in Italy up and you should see the Fall Weiss scenario under the Battles in Italy listing.