Crimea 1854

Battles in Normandy 1.01 (May 2005)
Battles in Italy 1.01 (September 2005)

Turns: 10


Author: Pete_au

Crimea 1854 for BiN
Crimea 1854 for Italy

This scenario is a recreation of the first battle of the Crimean war in 1854. The battle of the Alma River.

The allies’ armies landed in the Crimea during September 14-16th 1854, to begin a war which had been six months declared. The Czar's naval forces had declined battle with the British and French fleets in the Black Sea, and had retired to Sevastopol harbour,
so that the Crimean operations were almost exclusively military.


The British were led by General Lord Raglan, and the French by Marshal Leroy de St.Arnaud. Raglan was brave but mediocre and stupid as well as old (he still thought the French were the enemy!). St-Arnaud was dying. They quarreled constantly.

Somehow, an equally muddled Russian army was defeated at the Alma.

This battle is an attempt to use the BiN engine to recreate Napoleonic style engagements.

The following considerations have been engineered into the scenario, since it plays unlike any other BiN scenario you have seen
it is important you familiarize your self with them:

1. The scale is 1 hex = 300 yards.

2. 1 turn = 30 min.

3. Supply is not an issue over 5 hours. There are no supply wagons as such. It is to be assumed that all units have enough ammunition
to engage the enemy effectively over 5 hours whilst a continuous line of hexes exist toward any supply source.

4. Artillery has a more direct effect on casualties than in the WW2 games you have been playing. They will cause casualties. They are treated like any other combat unit and generally have high offensive and low defensive values. They are the only units capable of extended movement, but, this is only to give the commanders the option of either moving with the infantry and not shooting or generally not moving much and shooting.

5. Cavalry generally have a high shock value but no anti-shock value. If they do not succeed in an attack they may be easily reduced by artillery or counter charging cavalry.

6. The French and Russians fought in columns and so have low offensive capability but high defensive capability overall. The British still fought in lines and so had a greater offensive capability against troops in column but were vulnerable to charging cavalry or when forced into melee, they have a generally low defensive value and high offensive value.

7. The Russians deployed without a rearguard for divisional composition and thus completely lost their normal chain of command. Once the battle began, unified control was impossible and Mentschikov (the Russian commander) was actually reduced to moving Individual battalions around the field instead of asserting overall direction. This has been represented by giving Russian units Divisional markers but ZERO divisional integrity bonuses.

8. The divisional markings shown on the units are actually the regimental standards of some of the famous units that fought in the battle (eg - the British 1st division shows the standard of the Coldstream Guards). The actual divisional standards in this campaign all looked pretty much the same and would not have been suitable from a gaming viewpoint.


Download and run the installation setup file, this should install all files and associated sub directories into a ..scenarios/Crimea 1854 folder under your main Battles in Normandy/Italy Folder. Start Battles in Normandy/Italy up, and you should see the Crimea 1854 Battleset available for play.