Mega Campaign "Churchill"

Version: 1.02 (April 2006)

Engine: Battles in Italy

Turns: 80

AI or PBEM: Axis AI or PBEM

Author: JSS

Download Churchill (please note the special installation notes below)


Churchill: Mega-Battle 1 - 1943 - a battle for SSG's Battles in Italy - brought to you by Run5. Created by: JSS for Run5 (special thanks to Badnews for OOB & Map baseline data and all around encouragement).

Historical setting:

Summer 1943: This is a historical look at what might have been, a what if-scenario where PM Churchill gets his way and the Allies invade Italy with an intent to occupy the Balkans. Historically GEN Marshall and President Roosevelt agreed to a compromise where Sicily (and ultimately Italy) was invaded while not delaying the cross-channel attack: Codename Overlord. This battle looks at what might have been achieved if the Western Allies had capitalized on the German debacle at Kursk. PM Churchill’s wisdom would shine thru later as 50 years of heartache would pass for the citizens of Yugoslavia and the US would still end up invading the Balkans (at the direction of President Clinton).

Design notes:

Here are the design notes for the Churchill scenario; these will give you some insight into the scenario and some tips for playing it.

1. This scenario is designed for PBEM. AI play is in place… Axis AI order is included. The Allied AI order is to be published (TBP).

2. The scenario is large… Three Italian Armatas and a German Armee face off against the US THIRD & FIFTH Armies and the CW EIGHTH Army.

3. The Italians will surrender if key cities on Sicily/Reggio + Taranto are captured OR if Roma falls to the Allies.

4. Allied air support primarily comes from the eight air units on Malta & Tunisia. They must be moved to provide adequate air support for mainland operations.

5. The Allies can invade the Adriatic Coast but they do so at their own peril. Supply sources there provide very limited supply.

Version 1.01 Notes (2 Feb 06)

1. Put in fix to Axis Sicily supply points (seems trace supply via sealane feature is
not implemented).

2. 50, 51 ID recon units will arrive properly for 8th Army.

3. More German units can use rail movement.

4. 2d Pz Gd Reg of HG Pz Div is much weaker to start (two steps in timed replacement


1. Download and run the installation setup file, this should install all files and associated sub directories into a ..scenarios/MegaCampaign Churchill folder under your main Battles in Italy Folder. Note the additional step below.

2. You must copy the 173 MB scenarioMaps.xcr from the main Battles in Italy folder to the Churchill folder for the scenario to play properly.

3. Start Battles in Italy up and you should see the Churchill Battle in the main battle selection window.