El Alamein III

Version: 1.00 (January 2004)

Engine: Korsun Pocket

Turns: 26

AI or PBEM: Both

Author: Alessandro Bianchini

Download El Alamein III for KP


El Alamein is a 26 turn battle. It is the beginning of the counter offensive that will bring about the expulsion of the Germans and Italians troops from the north Africa.

This scenario represents the III battle of El Alamein during October 23, 1942 and November 5, 1942.

Each day is represented by 2 turns (day and night).

Historically, the allies carefully chose the date of that the offensive would begin - ensuring clear weather for adequate air coverage and full moon for the night time operations. In consideration of this it is not recommended that this scenario be played with the Random Weather setting enabled.

According to the history the Germans and Italians troops had a very low level of restocking due to the long way of refurnisment and worsened by the Allied control of the north Africa sea. (Panzer divisions in WWII use to have 30 fulls of gasoline as minimal stock. At the start of the battle Rommel had only 3 fuels for his panzers).

To make the game more gripping I have reconstructed the game recognizing a great restocking to the axis troops. During the battle allied and axis didn't have troop reinforcement so in the game you will find no reinforcements. Due to the scale of the units and map, only three units may stack in any one hex.

I have been very careful to recreate the historical forces that fought this battle, the terrain that they fought over and the relative strengths and weaknesses of the units involved. Unfortunately conflicting versions of the battle exist. If you have further informations about units or terrain elements please contact me. (alessandrobianchini@aliceposta.it)


Run the installation exe and follow the prompts. Once installed the scenario will be available under the Battleset menu within Korsun Pocket.


Many thanks to Scott Wilson (Brubaker). I have used his scenerio "Kreta" to build my bigmap. A special thanks to Rob Gjessing for his indispensable advice and supervision in the realization of the scenerio. Images were sourced from the web. I have not sought permission to use these so if anyone has any objection to any image being used please contact me at : alessandrobianchini@aliceposta.it

Have fun! .......but...a last and rightful thought it goes to all that men on all sides that with courage, honour and loyalty fought the battle.

Alessandro Bianchini January 2004