Turn 6 - Clash of the Titans : Across the Dnepre

General Keating has at last taken our advice, at least on a strategic level. He has forced crossing of the Dnepr near DUBROVNO and SHKLOV. However, US military doctrine calls for river crossing to be made in force and depth, with local objectives seized quickly and with a minimum of casualties.

This Keating has failed to do, suffering significant casualties near DUBROVNO (see above) and failing to quickly take the town. His crossing near SHKLOV was made with a relative weak infantry only force and has also failed to take the town itself.

Comrade General Trout seems to have been reading our manuals! Though naturally, there’s absolutely no way that the godless commies could have any agents in the USA. Anyway, Keating’s river crossings have been roughly handled. Near VELIZH on the Dvina, an entire Panzer Grenadier Regiment was annihilated, though other German units still retain a bridgehead.

The infantry only assault crossing near SHKLOV was forced back across the Dnepr with significant casualties, eliminating that bridgehead. The German bridgehead near DUBROVNO was also reduced, although the Germans there still retain a small toehold.

To round out a triumphant day for Trout and to complete the embarrassment for Keating, another hapless Recon unit was killed near LIOZNO.