Turn 5 - Clash of the Titans : Across the Dnepre

Up till now, the one line executive summary of the campaign would read ‘Small invasion in Central Russia, not many dead’. At last, this is changing as General Keating starts to crank up some offensive action.

Some Russians who had lingered too long on the northern bank of the Dvina were surrounded and slaughtered (see above) and some German units have crossed to the southern bank of the river. Keating also kepts up the pressure in the centre, with further attacks on the northern bank of the Dnepr (see below) though still no attempts to take ORSHA or MOGILEV.

In his turn, Comrade General Trout can feel quite satisfied with events so far. Keating’s somewhat tentative crossing of the Dvina was beaten back with significant casualties, (see below), and this can be reported as yet another major setback for the Fascist invaders. Trout also continues to hold his major Urban centres. His main worry would be the strong German thrust that has now forced its way some distance past ORSHA and is aimed directly at SMOLENSK. Trout’s good performance so far, and indeed his entire life and career, will count for nothing if he allows SMOLENSK to fall quickly.