Turn 3 - Clash of the Titans : Across the Dnepre

Keating attributes the loss of the Recon unit in Turn 2 to luck, but more detached observers will point to the unit’s low defence strength, low number of steps and it’s position in Clear terrain adjacent to two large Russian armoured formations as having more to do with its needless sacrifice. Keating is finally getting serious about ORSHA, and his cautious approach near MOGILEV is partly explained by the fact that his best Panzer divisions have all been sent straight to the developing assault on ORSHA.

Like all large organisations, armies are usually divided by intra-mural conflicts. General Keating obviously has a long standing grievance with Recon units, as he posts another one in suicidal position, NE of VITEBSK, for no obvious benefit to him. The benefit accrues to Comrade General Trout, as shown below, as Pravda proclaims the destruction of another fascist legion. Although only 3 Soviet Regiments were killed this turn, Trout is already setting up a defensive plea for more reinforcements, and the commissars have organised the citizens of ORSHA for self defence, before quietly taking the last train out of town.